Graphics Flickering

Hi everyone, I’ve had zwift for a few years now and had no issues with it up until now where the game first started to crash when launching it at the login portion( the login when the zwift app launches not the client updater.) I fixed that from reading online saying that zwift doesn’t like vpn’s so as far as it launching that’s fine now. The other issue and last one I’m having is graphical where as the game starts to flicker all over the place at the main menu and in game. I play multiple games on my pc that are graphically demanding and checked to see if it was a new issue with my pc which it is not all games work as normal like division 2, CoD, Siege, etc. Im running a Ryzen 7 2700 8 core with a RX 580 graphics card. I haven’t updated my AMD Catalyst since last time I used zwift to today thinking that may be the issue, only thing that changed from when I last rode a few months ago is my television which is now 4k 50 in. anyone one have a solution or suggestion to fix my issue with zwift it’s frustrating.

Hi @Reese_Bailey welcome to Zwift forum.

I’d definitely pursue that last hint - if you’re using a new TV I would check the refresh rate that the TV is natively capable of, and compare it to what your GPU is set to output.

60 is the refresh

Is it 60 fps on both ends, or is the GPU pushing out more?

not sure what it is on zwift but basing it on other things it might be pushing it way higher than 60 lol

yeah Radeon doesn’t even log the fps on zwift which is weird.

all my setting are also set to use application settings and to not overwrite but going through it I remembered the only thing I changed from the last time I rode was setting my gpu workload from graphics to compute so I just set that back and about to launch zwift to see what happens.


How’d it work out?

Hi Shooj, I’ve been in the 2 events for TDZ and its been stable no crashes only flickering of my zwift character which isn’t really a bother to me as long as I can ride. Sometimes goes invisible for a second and reappears in multiple areas of him the bike is fine it does it with other zwifter’s characters. But now there’s a issue where the 2nd event for TDZ I joined a little late about 2 min. and crossed the finish line but it didn’t register my finishing so I rode the whole 20.5+0.5 more to round it off to 21 miles and it still didn’t register and it got stuck in limbo.

Well, progress on the flickery issue. That’s mostly good. Your avatar going invisible is weird - that might be a lingering issue w/ frame rate between your GPU and your TV?

The late join shouldn’t have any impact on your Tour de Zwift event completion. If you look in and look at your activities - does that 2nd stage show up? If so - the session uploaded to our server correctly. If it did not - your network connection between your PC and Zwift’s servers may have waffled during the upload.

You sound tech-capable, so here’s something you can do to trace what your network connection, and your Bluetooth & ANT+ signals are doing by uploading your log files to Here’s how to locate your log files.

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Thanks, the ride activity shows up but it isn’t registered on the server or atleast it’s bugged out when I’m at the main menu because it doesn’t have the check mark on 2 for TDZ on the main menu of zwift even the mobile app registered and my upload also goes to strava.