New Graphics Card / Lousy picture quality


I custom built my pc for two roles Zwift and Flightsim. My initial build was a Ryzen 7 3700x with a NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super which Zwift ran very smoothly with all settings turned to max resolution and settings. Looked gorgeous.
Then i upgraded again to Ryzen 9 5900x and an AMD 6800xt which is a much more powerful gpu. Ive done the background work on how zwift works with these things so i presume no profile has been added for this card. Can someone within zwift please add this profile?
I really is a shame to spend well over a thousand dollars on a GPU thats looking worse than the previous card.

Also in the mean time can anyone help with getting zwift set up within the config so it looks at least half decent until Zwift gets its act together with the profiles ? I would really appreciate it !!

Have a read of this, it’s the same issue. AMD RX5500XT in basic profile?

You can bump a few things up by messing with the config files, but it’s not the same. You’re waiting for Zwift to add this card to the list for Ultra I’m afraid. It’s ridiculous.


Btw both your new and existing GPUs are miles more powerful than needed to max out Zwift in 4K and the highest detail level. 980/1060/1650 Super are strong enough for 60fps or more; on a 1080p or 1440p display then a 1050 Ti is fine. The 5900X will be a far more impressive improvement since it should eliminate basically every frame rate drop in a big group ride.

Can a Dev team member respond to this request please ? Preferably with a timeframe ?

Thank You

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Hello ? Bumping this up for some attention to this.

How ridiculous is this :man_facepalming: .
Hardcoding graphics cards lists is archaic.
Effectively all you are doing Zwift is nerfing your product needlessly and giving yourself a whole swathe of extra workload and support and customer dissatisfaction noise (and failing to address it ) .
Its quite baffling to be honest why the standard solution to build something that “recommends” the settings based on probing the card but still allow a user to choose if they so wish against that recommendation to sacrifice performance over quality and vice versa .

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A RX6800XT is “much more powerful” than a RTX2080S?
Every Game runs better with either Nvidia or AMD, depends on the game.
Zwift runs far better with Nvidia.

Lets not dilute this issue with a discussion about whether any particular graphics card is better than any other that is a sideshow here . The issue is that graphics card of various vendors more than capable of supporting functionality are not able to because zwift wants that to be the case . Thats just plain wrong . Recommend graphics setup yes but locking it down is never goign to be an appropriate solution.


Ben … i certainly don’t mean to be rude but please educate yourself BEFORE posting. Back to topic… Zwift tech support… still waiting on a response…

Thank You

Did you post a request into support direct BTW . I know the message you will likely get but just interested if you have . It certainly will give you some more ammunition here to start quoting that perhaps .

I sent a direct request to support in Feb. They stated that they will forward it to the devs. Around the same time someone who has an even faster card a 6900xt has the same issue and reported it to Zwift.

Last week i tried to get Shane aka GPlama via twitter to help me with it but i guess he didnt want to bring the issue up (referred me to the forums) and finally the people who runs the twitter handle responded and i provided them all the information (unique user id / snippets of the support email i sent and the resulting generic non information response i got back).
Then the twitter person told me to check and follow the guy who has the same issue with his 6900xt even though there is no official Zwift support response in that thread at all!

I just want to know when i can expect for this profile to be loaded and not be given the run around/silent treatment.

Yeah that is the way I expected it to go . Its not isolated that is how current support works , just pass it off with no ownership or at least acknowledgement , which would be fine if they actually created an application where you can workaround this problem but they actually have created one that locked is down to require the high level of engagement and support … then they fail to offer that . Not good , you hve my sympathy and come on Zwift , what about a bit of user support ?

It should be literally a five second job for someone, that’s the frustrating part. Add [GPU model from the last five years…] to whatever lookup table they use for Ultra profile.

Unless they believe they need to manually test whether it’s stronger than a GTX 1050. :rofl:


In fairness it’s only slightly stronger.


Not that this translates directly to Zwift, 'cos OpenGL.

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Maybe they have employed a secret team of QA engineers soak testing graphic cards models , :rofl: :open_mouth: maybe that is why nothing else gets done either . , and like everyone else right now , this approach is completely untenable , you cant buy those graphics cards for love nor money given the current supply and demand.

Nah scratch that … its more likely left hand , right hand … never the twain shall meet .