RX 6900xt - no UltraHD mode

Hey Zwifters - I just upgraded my PC and I have removed my old 580 8GB card to the new RX 6900 XT, but for some reason I am unable to get UltraHD on it.

The funny thing is that on my old card the UltraHD option works perfectly fine. When I contacted the support team about this - I got a very generic reply { a bit disappointed }. Do you guys and ladies have a solution for this?

Thank you in advance.

Ultra resolution or Ultra graphics profile?
These are two very different things.
You can only set the resolution. The profile can not be set.

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See here: AMD RX5500XT in basic profile?
New Graphics Card / Lousy picture quality

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Just got a reply from the support team. This card is quite new and therefore they have not added a profile to Zwift to support it. Support for this card is coming.

Is it a 6900 XT? :wink:

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Bugger - yes it is. Way to early for technical questions it ix rx 6900xt

Dave’s post on another thread is useful here also:

All the more so since the 6900XT is a chart-topper GPU.

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Yep i’ve also submitted a bug report for my 6800XT.

I don’t understand why its going to take so long to add a graphic card profile. Its not like these cards just popped up out of the blue and the cards nowadays are so powerful that there is no need to test for performance related issues (unless too many frames is now an issue) Does the Nvidia RTX 3080/3090 get the same treatment and are being run on basic profiles as well ?


Nope, they get Ultra. I reckon they just added ‘RTX’ to the detection originally, so everything from the 2060 to 3090 is picked up the same.

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I treat Zwift like any other game - if the game does not support a new graphics card then I just uninstall it without waiting for their support to catch up 1 or 2 years after the card has been released. They told me that this mondey they may have a solution for the rx6900xt { profile } and if they do not have it by then I will cancel my subscription.

I know this may sound a bit dramatic, but it baffles me when I can play ultra hd on my ancient RX580 and not on rx6900xt.

And yes, on rtx3090 you get full ultrahd - as previous user mentioned, this is most likely from the same drivers { profiles } that they have been using for years now.

Just a small update that I have received from the Zwift customer service about support for these cards:

I checked with internal and they think the next game update should have this feature. We have been putting the updates out on a monthly-ish basis.

So there is a hope - I think :}

Did it work ?
Guess the answer is no


Yeah, I don’t think they have fixed this issue. I do not think they care that much. I have cancelled my subscription to zwift. Any workarounds like the profiles mentioned before - they sort of work, but you will not get the 4k performance that you get from a dedicated profile.

@xflintx Hi Flint, please can you have a look at the above thread: GPU cards need adding to the lookup in order to be recognised by Zwift so people with those cards can get Ultra graphics: 6700XT 6800XT 6900XT and related.

Please can these be added to the lookup? Or can we have some indication as to when Zwift is going to do this? It sounds like a pretty simply job of just adding the modern cards to the list of recognised cards


Or more sensibly , just let you override and set ULTRA so if the card is either incorrectly probed or not been added yet you can still get it to work. Sure , warn users that it is not a known card , and setting is at user discretion but we aint children . This is just needlessly locked down .


Not sure about it, when reading some forum posts :thinking::thinking::thinking:


This too!

If memory serves, we just added the 6800XT cards in one of the last two game releases, so that one should be alright.

I can put in a request for the 6700 and 6900 cards as well, and it will be up to our graphics engineer to determine if those cards deserve to be enabled for the ultra graphics profile. In the event they’re enabled for ultra, they’re usually in the subsequent update.

Since these cards are the top end for AMDs GPU line right now, I’m confident they’ll be added, it’s just a matter of when.

Thanks for the call out, and here’s to more graphical fidelity in your future!


Thanks, Flint. Much appreciated. fingers crossed for this months update

@xflintx could you update us to let us know what the outcome is in terms of whether these will be added in the next update? Thanks again. C