Graphics options (2k/ 1440p/ Ultra)

Hey y’all,

After talking with Zwift tech support, it has been made clear there is no 2k/ 1440p/ ultra graphics option for Zwift at this time. I have a pc that is more than capable of running the application at 1440p with at least a steady 60fps. Now, it’s not the end of the world by any means that I have to use the 1080p setting. However, I was told to get involved in the forums here and the devo team has had this passed along to them.

I figured let’s get us zwifters rolling on this and hopefully a 2k option will be made available in the near future for any of us on the same boat.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

I’m also a Cat 1 roadie who took a little time away from racing and is looking for some other peeps to roll with.


Thats not true, zwift runs in 4K and ultra graphics on my PC (and it looks amazing!).
Zwift only shows graphic options that it things your pc can handle. Maybe your graphic card is not properly recognized?!

Can you post the specs of your PC including the video card.

Use: and copy & paste the results.

I run zwift in Ultra mode for quite a while now, with a nvidia gtx 1060.

While I would love to run 1440p or higher, my Lenovo Z40-70 laptop can’t even keep up with the current offerings during mass start events or extremely crowded paths in NYC. While better graphics would be nice, this falls under the want and not the need category. Now, if we are talking about the 'CADE, I would say better graphics are more of a need than a want.

XFX RX 590 8gb GPU
Ryzen 5 2600x CPU
(2x8)16gb RAM 14CL

I chatted with tech support, there is no 2k option.
Even though there is a 4K option.

I would guess that is the problem at this point. I can play AAA titles at 1440p w/ 60+FPS on high or ultra settings.

GPU is at 50% activity on avg while running zwift at the highest setting it lets me see… plus it’s all over the place, look at the fluctuations. If it’s running anything graphically demanding it’ll be at 100% consistently with maybe a drop down to 95% for a second.
Peak temp is 61C usually it will avg 70C - 77C while under load with my setup.

Ultimately this comes down to Zwift doing as little as possible to provide the additional GFX menu settings for PC users that are industry standard in PC games.

Resolution setting should always be separate to Quality settings.
I would also like to see a full ‘Advanced Graphics’ sub menu on the PC version with the normal set of options:
Texture Quality
Post Processing
Ambient Occlusion

Its very annoying seeing a PC title being treated like an android/iPhone app :frowning:


Completely agree

Agreed - To add to this, I would like to see support for native monitor resolutions and multi-monitor setups. If you set the game to windowed mode, you can stretch it across monitors, but the POV is weird for such a wide view.

I run 4k with my tv. To improve the image quality I changed the settings in my graphics card to texture quality, anisontropic 16x, enhanced antialiasing 2x.

Of course, there is or can be a difference between your local hardware up-rezzing 1080 content versus that content actually being delivered at a higher resolution. Based on the way this discussion thread seems to have gone this would explain some of the mixed information regarding local hardware versus the resolution being delivered by the gaming server.