Add GTX 1650 to 4k ultra profile list

I have recently purchased a new GPU a GTX 1650. In zwift the highest graphics settings that are availble for me is 1440p Ultra. Running the log file at zwift analyzer it says 1440p High. If I tweak the config file and prefs file to Ultra and 2160p (4K) I get 35-40fps average according to zwift analyzer. But as soon I open the settings menu the resolution changes to 576p and I have to tweak the prefs file again.

Could you please add the GTX 1650 to the list of GPU:s that are enable to run 4k ULTRA settings.

Just out of interest, what does having a higher image quality do for you?

This isn’t a dig, I just don’t get it.

I have a 43" 4k tv about 3 feet in front of my handlebars. With 2k i can see the pixels with 4k i can´t.
It´s just more enjoyable in 4k. And when i do have the hardware for 4k i want to be able to use it.


You are correct on a screen that size you need the best possible graphics, noting worst than seeing pixels.

Also If you have top of the line capabilities then you should be able to use it.


Ah yes, that makes sense.

I use a 28’ish " monitor so don’t have the issue.

When will I be able to run 8k (4320p) for the massive 85+ inch tvs that Samsung are coming out with?:grin:

I have a 49" TV but only with 1080p.
I can’t see the pixels :smiley:

Resolution is one thing, Zwift graphics profile (high, ultra) another one IMO?

I have 1080 resolution, constantly 60 fps, only high setting possible - should be ultra…

Please, Zwift!

This card was just recommended in a zwiftinsider post.


I too have a GTX 1650. It’s a great card but Zwift won’t let it run Ultra or 4k Ultra (which is what would be appropriate for my monitor/TV setup). Can we please get this updated! It will become a pretty common GPU in laptops in 2020.