New 1660Ti GPU - can’t select 4K ultra

(Jon) #1


Wondered if anyone else had taken delivery of a new 1660Ti GPU and was having the same problem as me in that the Ultra 4K resolution is unavailable. I’ve upgraded from a 3GB 1060 and that supported it no problem.


(Paul) #2

My guess is that there is no Ultra profile in Zwift as of yet (the RX590 is in the same boat).

(Neil) #3

Yep, same. I don’t have 4k option at all in the list. 1440 High is the highest for me. I did find out that you can actually run 4k resolution with ZwiftPreferences. Set 4k resolution with that and it will run zwift at 4k as long as you never go into the game settings menu. It will still only run the “high” profile though. If you do go into the settings menu, it will show a blank resolution and will reset zwift to the lowest profile if you exit.

(Wesley) #4

I’m only trying for 1080 Ultra, but also relegated down to only High setting for now. Please add official support for these new Nvidia 16xx Cards.

(Andrew) #5

Hey Guys!

I know I’m a bit late to the “party” but Paul is exactly right, we don’t yet have the 4k/ultra profile built in on the 1660ti, 1660, or the 590 at this time. We try to optimize for the most commonly used GPUs and since these are all relatively new, we don’t yet have them optimized/supported. We are constantly working towards building optimization/support for more and more GPUs; however, we don’t have an ETA on the completion of these specific cards, nor really any of our non-supported GPUs as there isn’t a chronological list we’re running through.

I’d recommend to create a thread on our Feature Request section of the forums (Or commenting on the most reviewed/popular thread about your request, in this case the optimization/support of the 1660ti/1660.) Our developers and executive shift through the Feature Requests, simply in search of the most requested features/implementations to do/build upon.

If you have any further questions, in regards to the performance, or any issue related to Zwift for that matter, please feel free to reach out to our Technical support. As for tech-related questions, they are the most knowledgeable on such. We also are able to respond within a 24-hour period through our emails, so you won’t have to wait until we stumble across your forum post.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we see the optimization for the 1660 ti come soon, as I’d like to be able to switch over myself!

(Jon) #6

Cheers Andrew - I’ve now created a feature request topic for this :+1: