New 1660Ti GPU - can’t select 4K ultra

(Jon) #1


Wondered if anyone else had taken delivery of a new 1660Ti GPU and was having the same problem as me in that the Ultra 4K resolution is unavailable. I’ve upgraded from a 3GB 1060 and that supported it no problem.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

My guess is that there is no Ultra profile in Zwift as of yet (the RX590 is in the same boat).

(Neil) #3

Yep, same. I don’t have 4k option at all in the list. 1440 High is the highest for me. I did find out that you can actually run 4k resolution with ZwiftPreferences. Set 4k resolution with that and it will run zwift at 4k as long as you never go into the game settings menu. It will still only run the “high” profile though. If you do go into the settings menu, it will show a blank resolution and will reset zwift to the lowest profile if you exit.

(Wesley) #4

I’m only trying for 1080 Ultra, but also relegated down to only High setting for now. Please add official support for these new Nvidia 16xx Cards.