Full support for the new Nvidia 1660/1660Ti graphics cards

Based on a support thread a few have made the jump up to the 1660/1660Ti cards that unfortunately don’t show up as supporting Ultra detail in 4k resolution when they are definitely capable of doing so.

Please could you consider adding full support please folks?

Voted and agree

I can now select Ultra. I am displaying at 1920x1080 Display Resolution in a Window and Zwiftalizer reports that I am still running on High Profile with my fps clamped to 60.

Yeah I can select Ultra at 1440 but not at 2160 which is what I’m after.

I can now see it as an option for selection - great work!!

Can anyone with the Nividia 1660 TI confirm whether it is allocated to the Ultra Profile in Zwift now (as shown in Zwiftalizer or Log file), or is it still just High?

If still High, i might pay a little more for a 2060 in a new build


Hi - yes it’s ultra now and works perfectly.

Great - thanks for the reply Jon