GTX 1660 Super - ultra?

Does anyone know whether the GTX 1660 Super has been added to the list of videocards that unlock the Ultra capability?

You can look through a few existing threads about that card:

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Thanks for the reply paul.

I did indeed, but as you notice, they are all about the TI version, the 1650 Super version, or the 2060. I didn’t information specific to the 1660 Super.

I can confirm it unlocks ultra profile!

Ryzen 3 3300x & gtx 1660 super seems to be a killer (and budget friendly) combination :slight_smile:

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Missed this but yeah, I believe when they add a model number for recognition it picks up all variants. So adding the 1660 originally would have also picked up the Ti and Super. Same goes for the 1650 and Super.

The 1660 Super is a bit overkill for Zwift, but it’ll cover other gaming nicely especially with the 3300X. Worth checking you’re getting high quality textures though. Screenshot a Zwiftalizer log result to check, if RAM isn’t detected you will be getting crap textures. Seems to affect some AMD systems.

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Cheers Dave. And thanks a lot for the write-up on Zwiftinsider. It has been hugely informative and steered me away from useless spending on an i5 and RTX 2060 for a zwift computer.

I’ll run a log file through Zwiftalizer to check, thanks!

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Zwiftalizer confirms the ultra setting.

Just riding Watopia, I’m getting an average of 80ish FPS (min 61, max 110, with quite some (gradual) fluctuations depending on which part of the course i was, or how many riders were around me, perhaps). Once I joined a race with a field of about 60 riders in New York, FPS plunged to a very constant range, 58-62ish, better never below 58. That must be the network limitation kicking in? I easily get download speeds of 10mbs here, but I guess its the ping time to ZHQ that matters?

One additional question:

I am using a 55inch 60hz TV. What would you suggest with regard to the VSYNC setting of my Nvidia control center… on or off?

You can still get Ultra profile and have the LQ bug, does your system RAM show up at the top right of the analysis or is the box empty?

Anyway I thought you’d read the article? :wink: Can’t avoid those drops in a group ride or busy race, it’s a CPU bottleneck I’m afraid. The 58fps must have been the floor of what your CPU could do in that event. Best way to mitigate this behaviour is an adaptive sync monitor. However seeing as you’re using a 60Hz TV you’re limited to 60fps anyway, unless you want to see a load of screen tearing… If you’re on Facebook search ZPCMR for more guides and info, including Nvidia settings. :slight_smile:

perhaps I misunderstood, but I what I got from the article, and also from a discussion with Stephane Louvet, the drop in framerate can not be mitigated by higher PC specs, and is network related. I realise I ignored your advise against the Ryzen CPUs … but it was written prior to the release of the 3300x. The single core performance of a ryzen 3300x CPU matches intel’s i5 9600k card… (would have chose the i3 10300 but unfortunately was not available at the discounter I bought the pc from).

So given the above, I’m surprised about the CPU bottleneck conclusion… (But perhaps I am misunderstanding).

I attached a screenshot of the fps evolution. I did 2 races back to back. The first one in Watopia, starting around 5:15, ending 5:45. The second one in new york (pretty clear when that one started :slight_smile: ). The second race had about 40ish finishers, vs 20ish for the first one. What I find odd is how constant (and low) the framerate becomes during the second race.

don’t get me wrong though. Very happy with this performance. It all seems butter smooth, despite of the occasional drop to 51. I had vsync disabled and I didn’t notice much (if any) oddities in the imagery. What does happen on occasion is that the image freezes for a split second, which has the camera zoom in on your avatar as if it had lost speed… but i also had that issue with my old setup so I am guessing it s a network related thing.

the axis were cut off, but the p5 line is about 60 FPS, the average is 77, 5th percentile about 60

RAM showed up :white_check_mark:


Good stuff. :+1:

There probably is some network bottleneck, but what I meant is that the drops you are seeing happen almost irrespective of the CPU chosen (and the 3300X is a good choice!). You can see exactly the same behaviour on 9th gen i7 processors costing hundreds of pounds/dollars. That’s one of the reasons I previously recommended the very low cost i3-9100F, because there’s literally no point going mad if the PC is solely for Zwift and no other gaming, streaming, video editing etc. That rubber-banding/zoom effect I think you’re referring to is when the frame rate is hopping around 60fps. Guessing it’s related to some built-in preference for that frame rate in the game.

Your 60Hz TV can’t display more than 60fps, so it’s best to turn Vsync on to avoid screen tearing when you’re above that frame rate, which on your GPU is most of the time. However the disadvantage of Vsync on is that when you do drop below 60fps (as cannot really be avoided), you risk dropping all the way to 30fps. That’s what Vsync does, to prevent tearing and judder. The trade off is stutter as it drops, and if you can maintain say 55fps you’re essentially ‘losing’ 25fps because it’ll run at 30fps until 60fps can be maintained again. What I’d normally recommend for TVs is the ‘Adaptive’ Vsync option in Nvidia Control Panel. Then you don’t see any tearing when your GPU is capable of 60fps+, but when it can only maintain 55fps you see that (with tearing) rather than a hard drop to 30fps. Got examples of the various behaviours on the FB group.