High or ultra graphics on 1080p

Dear Zwifters,

I have an pc with an I5 4590s, 8GB mem and an Nvidea Geforce 1650 Super connected on a 1080p tv. The strange is that I can select 1080 High or an 1440 Ultra. Is it also possible to change it to 1080p ultra graphics?

I think Zwift only offers resolutions that it thinks your computer can support. So it might be a Zwift update issue for your graphics card.

It’s a “quirk” of zwift. The resolution display has nothing to do with the level of detail. 1080p will be whatever graphics detail your GPU is assigned by Zwift. Put a log file into zwiftalizer and it will tell you the graphics profile.

Zwift probably shouldn’t use low, high, ultra for resolution since those are used for graphics quality.

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the 1650 gets the ultra graphics profile from Zwift, I think the OP wants to have more options for resolution sent to his TV.

@Dave_ZPCMR do you know of any config file edits that would work?

The ‘High’ and ‘Ultra’ options mentioned in the game’s setting menu refer to resolution only. With a GTX 1650/Super you’re already on Ultra detail (automatically assigned by the Zwift engine on starting the game), which is the highest possible. So there’s nothing to change there.

On a 1080p TV it’s preferable to run the 1440p resolution setting if your graphics card can provide a fairly consistent 60fps in solo rides*, which the GTX 1650 Super can. In fact it’s capable of doing so at 4K.

Going a setting up from your display’s native resolution makes things look cleaner, with less jaggies. It’s essentially anti-aliasing. So you probably should just stick with the 1440p resolution setting, or even go for 4K. Might as well. :+1:

*Group events are a different matter…


Thank you for your fast replies. I thought high and ultra means the graphics quality. But it has nothing to do with it.
Just one question. You write that in solo rides 1440p is oke when you hit 60fps. But what do you mean with it’s different in group rides? Do I need to change the resolution when I am in a group ride?

In a group event or following a busy Pace Partner, CPU becomes the bottleneck and the frame rate drops like a rock, so changing resolution has no benefit (nor would having an RTX 3090). Unless you have a highly overclocked i7/i9 or Zen 3 CPU then it can’t really be avoided, it happens to everyone.

Oke. Thank you for the answer. I will check if 1440 gives a nice fps. Otherwise I will run on 1080p. Everyone thanks you for all the answers.

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Don’t bother with 1080p, your GPU is capable of 4K. :wink: It looks better.

Do you mean 1440p or real 4k?

Your 1650 Super is capable of 60fps+ on any Zwift resolution setting, including ‘UHD (2160p)’, which is 4K.

I did a ride today with higher resolution. Before I had a pc that can only run 720p. With my new pc the graphics were great. What a big difference.

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