Adjustable Graphics settings? SLI Support? etc. ?

(John Trussell (AW)) #1

Just downloaded Zwift and I’m running it on my gaming rig. Long time PC Gamer / builder and want to know where are the graphics config options? Do I just edit the config files manually? 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

I don’t have plans to expose many graphics options anytime soon, but what specifically were you looking for?  You can control render resolution and toggle fullscreen in the settings page, but other than that Zwift chooses the graphics options based on the GPU (many not exposed in config files).  Gaming rigs are pretty rare for Zwift, maybe making up 7-10% of our userbase.

(John Trussell (AW)) #3

Thanks for the quick reply! I understand you want the app to be optimized for laptops with integrated graphics since most users are using it that way. I’m just used to having more control over AA, textures, etc. I did find the menu to set it to 1440p and fullscreen after poking around. A more advanced page with adjustable toggles would be nice so that those of us with the horsepower can really crank it up! :) 

(Jon Mayfield) #4

There are no options we support that are disabled for the GTX 970, 980, and 980Ti at the moment, so you’d only be able to disable things right now.  One thing that is coming is support for 3840x2160 on high end GPUs.   I rode Zwift this weekend on a 980Ti at 4k resolution at a solid 60fps.   Pretty slick looking.

As we bring in more graphics features as time progresses we’ll try to add some toggles so people can choose detail or speed, but we’ll generally keep it simple compared to something like Crysis or Call of Duty.

(Mark Duncombe) #5

Hi Jon, that leads on to a question from me. Are the graphics setting used based on resolution selected on on GPU capabilities/frame rate.

Lets say I drop from 1080 to 720 because my frame rate is low, is it just the resolution that changes or will I also take a hit in terms of graphic options enabled as well.