Which GPU does Zwift look at when setting quality

(Jon Hancock (B)) #1


Just getting going with Zwift and have upgraded my Graphics card to a Radeon R7 250. My PC is based upon a A4-3300 with Integrated HD6410D graphics.

I ran Zwift and looked in the logs and the game was running on the basic setting which seemed low given the specs of the card. I modified the basic config and replaced the contents with those from the Ultra config as described in other threads.

Restarted the game and the difference in quality was obvious, I haven’t had time to test it properly to see how smooth it is but initial thoughts are that its going to be fine (may drop to high and see what different it makes though).

My question is therefore did Zwift see the IGP and base it’s quality setting on that? If so should I disable the IGP in bios?


(simon orange) #2

the log will tell you which graphics card its using

(Craig Howard WBR B) #3

As mentioned, the log will say. I thinks it’s the preferences log.

In the activity log, the first few lines of code give a system spec and part of that will list the GPU. Run Zwift and take a look.

Be wary of FPS fluctuations. I’ve been testing my default ‘high’ selection and have gone from a static 30FPS up to a whopping 50-60 FPS by tweeking GPU settings in EVGA Precision X. And NVidia setup options.

I even think forcing into medium and having a minimum of 60FPS may offer the nicest experience? I’ve yet to test this.

Ido AMD offer a profile option to select an application and use certain cards like NVidia do? That would be favourable to disabling in bios.