Zwift FPS

Morning Guys,

Just wondering if i could get a little help. Im running zwift at 1080p high settings. Im recording the FPS using MSI afterburner.

Now i have two systems one with a Vega56 and one with a Radeon Rx470 8gb. On average the FPS displayed by afterburner are 41 and 36 respectively. On both systems the graphics cards are barely being utilised along with my CPUs. However the performance looks and feels buttery smooth.

Now my questions are, firstly is MSI reporting the FPS correctly-is there a way to get an in game FPS counter.
Secondly are open GL drivers trash on the current AMD architectures ? I used to have an R9 290 and I could have sworn I got over 150fps.


You can get an on-screen FPS counter by adding “set gShowFPS=1” to the config file for your graphics mode, see for more info.

With your hardware, the biggest bottleneck is probably calculation of other riders’ positions. If you pick a quiet road or enter an event with few other riders, you can probably reliably see the maximum FPS your GPU and display are capable of.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the info. I ran ultra settings and the FPS stayed the same which is cool. Also it goes up to 80fps when out in the country!

You can use to look at your log files and your FPS.

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