Framerate 3 fps with AMD HD7700

AFter the last update Zwift is only 3fps max on my system. I’ve the latest GPU drivers installed, reinstalled Zwift two times etc.

Other games, like F1-2014 racing, still performs well according the spec’s of the HD700 card. fwiw FurMark GPU Stress Test gives fps 28 at 1280x720. The system is doing well here.  

On my laptop win onboard nVidia card Zwift is running at 15-17 fps. The FurMark GPU Stress Test gives fps 12 at 1280x720 on this laptop. 

I’ve made a support ticket but i’m curious of somebody else has simular problems with the AMD HD700 card since the last update

Do you have a joystick/gamepad plugged in at all?

no, not anymore.


As a test, can you try plugging one in?  Xbox USB controller is preferred if you have it, but if not any joystick might work.

Not sure if this will help, but I have an HD 6700 on this computer with a Logitech Dual Action gamepad connected through USB (and has always been connected), and I am getting great framerates.

Update: Plugged in my Xbox 360 controller wireless adapter and connected a wireless controller and there is no noticeable drop in framerate.

Note: I don’t have any ANT+ devices connected during this specific test (just spectating).

But guess what , I have the Thrustmaster Force Feedback reinstalled, and FPS 40 fps back again !!! ??? Happy !!!

Thank you Jon and Kyle and Eric !

Glad to hear it!

Pretty strange bug eh?  It’s already fixed on our side so it’ll be out in the next update.