Zwift fps rate low, GPU 7% only?

I’ve been having low fps issues for a while with zwift. Can’t remember when it started but current laptop set up was used for ages with no problem.

I ran zwift with the task manager open on the processes tab on the second screen so I could see what was going on. The CPU is bit being over loaded and the ram is running at about 80% but the GPU is being strange. It runs at about 60% and zwift runs perfectly but every few mins the GPU drops to 7% and zwift fps rate goes through the floor, maybe 3 or 4 fps… It doesn’t always come back and the GPU can be at 7% for a long time. When it does come back, it only last a few mins and then bad again…

Any ideas what could be causing the GPU to kick in and out.

It’s an amd radeon vega 8 graphics…

Any ideas would he great

This sounds like you are CPU bound. I recommend sharing a link to a log analysis for a ride where you see poor performance. CPU consumption will be much higher when there are a lot of riders in view, so big group rides or popular pace partners will tend to do that.

I’ll try and sort the zwiftalizer log, just seen a similar post where background screen recording was on, when they switched off it problem was solved… But can’t find the option on windows 11…

Hit Start and type Xbox Game Bar, settings are in there.

Edit: capturing is in Gaming settings:


Yea, that’s where I’m at just can’t find background recording?? All I can see is an option for 'record what happened ’