REALLY poor fps on tic toc sprint

Is there anyone else who experiences this?

You can clearly see it on my zwiftalizer, it starts a few seconds before the leaderboard shows up, and goes away a few seconds after it goes away.
As you can see, i passed the sprint 3 times and stopped after it the last round while still having the leaderboard showing on my screen.

Where can i submit my logfile for review by the devs?

Computer specs:
Windows 11 home 21h2 22000.376
Motherboard: Asus x470gaming f
CPU Ryzen 7 5800x
32GB 3200mhz corsair lpx 3200mhz ram
system disc Kingston SHOP2280P2H 240GB nvme.
Nvidia driver: 496.13

Zwift version 100278 (Problem started with the introduction of makuri island)

This near the stone arch? Yeah it’s happened for ages, no idea why. There are a few similar spots, such as the one on the ocean cliffside road where the frame rate randomly tanks for a few seconds for no reason.

More importantly, why on earth are you running 1080p with a 2070 Super? :wink:

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Hello Dave, in this case, the fps stays low as long as the leaderboard is on screen (or atleast in the area where it is active) it lasts until i move out of the zone where this data is being sent to me (speculation).

Ahh yes, i was just testing stuff mostly.
Since we last spoke, i’ve upgraded my home network with a good managed switch, and some fiber optic cables (for hobby reason) and i was playing around looking at the bitrates and stuff between the resolutions in zwift over steam link.
Mind you, these issues with fps also happens without steam link even running.

I reckon there are certain spots* where the CPU suddenly gets mashed, resulting in these noticable FPS drops. I’ve not monitored the GPU utilisation but there’s no reason whatsoever for the frame rate to be lower in these areas.

*Or literally all of Neokyo. :roll_eyes: