Low Frame Rate since update

(Trent Cornwall) #1

Since latest update I have dropped to about 9fps or less, was getting up to 60fps and happy at around 30fps. I have updated video card driver and played with settings to try and fix it but but no change, I also get 60fps or more on Virtugo so it looks to me like a Zwift issue not a pc issue. Any suggestions before i unsubscribe…

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Trent, sorry to hear Zwift’s frame rate hasn’t been the best! I wonder, do you have any programs running in the background that might be affecting performance? Or you may have some corrupt game files that may prompt a re-installation.

(Trent Cornwall) #3

Hi Vincent,
One of the first things I did was uninstall Zwift and re-download but it made no difference. I have checked for any other programs running and can’t see anything either. Is there any services that could be an issue?

(Trent Cornwall) #4

Zwift did another update, now back up to to 50fps…