FPS dropping about every 5seconds


Scince yesterday Zwift is dropping frames about every 5 to 10 seconds.
It runs fine, then stutters then runs fine again… repeat.
Before yesterday I had no problems at all.
Here is a screenshot from Zwiftalyzer from todays ride.

There was a Windows update eralier this week - do you think it is related to that?
I did not change any settings and at the moment use the Thinkpad only for Zwift.

Cheers, Thomas.

I did some testing today but could not solve the fps stutters. :frowning_face:

The ride yesterday was on Big Loop in 1080p Setting Full Screen.
The stutters happened during the whole ride even on Col Du Zwift where on some segments I was practically alone on the road.
Same stutters in the same frequency as in Downtown with lots of other riders around.

Also it does not change whether I’m in free ride or workout/ERG mode.
And it does not change wether Companion App is running or not.

Today I tested some different graphics settings:

  • switched to windowed mode and restarted the game - no change at all
  • switched to 720p (windowed mode) - no changes
  • switched to 576p - the stutters remain but are spread a bit more apart - about once a minute or so

Also I noticed that the arrow textures are displayed incorrectly when I turn right (see sreenshot)

They are displayed correctly on the riders in front of me.
Also displayed correctly on left turns.
This happens in alle gfx quality settings.

What can I do to fix it?
Reinstall the game?

I have the same problem. It stutters a lot, all the time. For three days I have this problem and before everything was really smooth. I did not change any settings.

I hope you solved the problem. And if so I really like to know how!

It got better for me after one of the updates some weeks ago.
But its not gone and sometimes it happens more frequently.
So far I was not able to find out what causes it.
At the moment I’m riding more outside and less in Zwift.

Thanks for your reply!
Hopefully I find out what causes it. I’ll let you know!
Enjoy riding and stay safe!

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