Low CPU Utilization

After latest update CPU Utilization while zwifting keeps dropping no matter what I do. That’s causing FPS drops after a while. I’ve uploaded my recent ride to Zwiftalizer. After FPS drops I went from Ultra settings to High settings to Low settings. You can see the changes on log file (FPS picks up at certain points).

I checked CPU Utilization with HW Monitor and it was very low like %2-%5 during FPS drops. After changing graphic settings it gets higher but it drops again after a while.

CPU and GPU temperatures not going above 60C so it’s not a heating issue.

Log file: Zwiftalizer 2.0

Ps: My avatar stutters constantly and OBS fix no longer working (It helps a little bit but stuttering not going away). It was working before the latest update.

CPU utilisation is never high overall in Zwift, it doesn’t come close to using all the resources you have available on a 5600. It wasn’t a particularly busy session so the CPU wouldn’t be stressed even by Zwift standards. Long story short: on that ride CPU shouldn’t be your problem. Frame rates would be determined by the graphics card in that scenario.

What Radeon driver are you using? What version and edition of Windows?

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PS: latest Radeon drivers have a massive hike in OpenGL performance, they’ve finally addressed it. Not sure how nicely they play with Zwift so far, but you should give them a go.


Yes I have the latest drivers for my RX470.

I thought it was Zwift related but after you mentioned it, I think that latest Radeon driver also might be the problem because I was never having fps drops with my setup until recently. :thinking: I updated it in the day it was released.

Thanks for the answers :+1:

Try sticking with the new driver but reinstalling Zwift. Might be worth a go.

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This might be a silly suggestion but did you run dxdiag to verify that the intended driver is loaded?

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@Dave_ZPCMR Thanks, I’ll try that before my next ride.

@Paul_Southworth I just checked it, driver date is correct. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I re-installed Zwift but it was even worse, it was lagging even on the main menu.

Reverted back to AMD Radeon 22.5.1 driver and everything went smooth during my last ride.

If you have an AMD RX470/480 GPU and experiencing FPS drops I suggest going back to 22.5.1 driver.


I’m cobbling together a Zwift machine (nearly finished) and in the process I tried Radeon drivers 22.2.2 (Fortnite recommended driver), 22.5.1 (update), then 22.7.1 (OpenGL update) and there is a significant increase in FPS with 22.7.1 running Zwift.

I didn’t have any crashes with Nitro+ RX 580 4GB, Nitro+ RX 580 8GB SE, nor RX 570 Pulse ITX, so maybe it’s 4xx -related?