Zwift stutters while riding up a hill

Hi guys!
Unfortunately Zwift is always stuttering when I ride up a hill and I dont know why. Could someone please help me?

Zwift Profile= Ultra
Zwift ingame resolution=4k
Avg fps about 60fps

CPU= AMD Ryzen 5 4500
GPU= Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Ventus XS OC (I already overclocked it with the oc scanner in the MSI Afterburner app).
I have a video but I dont know how to send it, because links dont work.

If video screenshots are enabled in settings, turn it off.

If you’ve made any adjustments to the graphics profile files, revert to the defaults.

Yes I already had video screenshots disabled and I didnt change the profile I just changed the resolution from full hd to 4k in Zwift.

Its not the fps for sure.

I’m not sure what’s going on. If you want to share a link to a video, just mangle the URL a little bit. Change “https” to “httpX” or something like that and we’ll find it.

What are you outputting to? A tv or monitor?


Ok then you have to delete the X. Thanks.

DisplayPort 1.2 on an 165hz g sync compatible monitor: Dell G2722HS.

I just wanted to say that I reinstalled Zwift, but the problem is still there. I installed it on the C disk (where windows is also downloaded. Its an ssd) should it be better to install it on the hdd?

Definitely not. Avoid mechanical disks at all costs.

Have you changed any of the Nvida settings?

Triple buffering etc…

Looks like a vsync issue to me.

Thanks for mentioning this, but I am pretty sure that this is not the case. My monitor has a mode where it shows you on what hz rate it is operating and in game I see how the rate is constantly pretty much in sync with the in game fps (example: fps in game is 60 and hz of the monitor maybe 65 or 75 hz but this difference cant be noticeable). And Zwift is only stuttering while riding up hill. When im riding normal with max 3% slope the frame is really smooth.

Hi @Ricardo_Ortega2 ,

I’m guessing you most likely already have, but I didn’t see it mentioned. Have you checked to make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date? It’s also worth double checking the windows driver as well while you’re at it.

You mentioned that the issue only happens on hills, but do you notice it more on one hill vs another hill? For example, is the issue worse in Neyoko than it is in Watopia? I ask because if it’s relatively the same, it may not be a video issue, it might be a processing issue which is a different line of diagnostics and troubleshooting.

For the most part, it seems like you’ve covered most of the basics here, so if the issue is still occurring with everything being up to date, I’d recommend reaching out to our support staff via email at They will be able to take a much deeper look at what’s going on than we can here on the forums.

Yes on all maps this is the issue even though I get more than 60fps and my drivers are up to date. Do you suggest contacting the Zwift support right now or to wait? And by the way: why the hell isnt Zwift optimized for gaming cpus? Isnt there a way to make another app version for example: Zwift for cpus, because there is a windows and a mac version?

Sorry that you had to wait. Here is a video covering all of my specs. Sadly I could not change my Nvidia Control Panel to english (I hope it is ok. Maybe you can translate it with google lens or any other translater).
Here is the link and you have to delete the three X’s:

Thank you for your help.


And the internet connection cant be a problem. I get 600mb/s download speed on Ookla.

This has nothing to do with Internet speed because everything is rendered locally.

There is probably nothing you can do about the stuttering while your avatar is moving very slowly, but it also looks like you are also getting a little of the “springy camera” effect. You can shut that off and see if it makes the visuals a little more appealing. You could also test the relationship between stuttering and avatar speed by riding that same hill much faster.

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Hi. Now that the Makuri Island is available I rode on it (not me but I was watching another person riding) and surprisingly the stuttering was also on a flat street. Maybe it is an vsync issue but I cant imagine why?
This was without turning the sptingy camera view off.

Thank you, but when I tried it the problem was still there even on the flat road (Makuri Island). Probably it has to do something with the gpu?