Game video stutters every 2 seconds


I’ve been playing for a few days but since yesterday, the game video stutters for half a second every 2 seconds starting at the connection screen.
I doesn’t matter if I’m in the menu or in game.
my configuration is:

  • Ryzen 9 7900X 12 core 24 threads
  • 32 Gb DDR5
  • Nvidia 3080 graphics card
    I tried reinstalling zwift to other drives (HDD or SSD) without any change.
    Can you help me with this ? It is a minor issue but for me it spoils the fun completly :frowning:

Try turning off video screenshots, to see if that makes a difference.

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I did but it still stutters
I also tried stopping all other applications / reinstall on multiple drives but nothing seems to work.
Also my bad, my problem looks exactly like the one in this thread
although no solution except “run it somewhere else” as been provieded.

Might be a good question to pose on the ZPCMR Facebook group. Before posting, check out the Files tab in the group for advice about video drivers and settings. I’m not saying it isn’t a bug, but it doesn’t seem to be a commonly reported issue.

How much free hard drive space do you have? Zwift can be picky about that one.

Also, what version of Windows are you running? Version of video driver? Is your BIOS up to date? In the Windows update “advanced options” check for optional updates.

Your GPU is Nvidia (use the Studio Driver, not the “Game Ready”), in the Nvidia control panel, program settings for Zwift, set triple buffering and Vsync to on and cap frame rate at 61 fps.

In the game, set resolution to a max of 1440P, not 4K - there’s virtually no visual difference but the latter takes far more CPU/GPU overhead.

If you’re at your wit’s end, do a refresh or full reinstall of Windows.

I dont understand why you recommend the Studio Driver?