Windows update, strange fps behavour

(William Dawes) #1

Hi im hoping for some help. Ive just installed the latest windows 10 anniversary update. Before the update i got around 50fps in zwift and i could minimise the app and run other programs simultaneously without any issues , i quite often ran bbc iplayer or similer in the corner while in zwifts windowed mode.
Now zwift still runs at 50fps but if i then go and open another program when i return to zwift the fps drops to around 10fps and doesnt recover. If i open the other program first then run zwift i get 50fps again. Its like my pc is prioritising which programs get all my pcs power. Has anyone got any idea how to solve this? I loked being able to multitask while using zwift and really want it back

(Stef Levolger) #2

Disable “Game DVR” in the Xbox app / Open Xbox app > go to config > Game DVR > Disable

or through regedit


Set “value” to 0


Found a youtube video for your convenience as well:


It’s a known problem with the anniversary update. Affects not just Zwift, but gaming in general.

(William Dawes) #3

tried both of these and unfortunatly its still doing it :frowning: as soon a click play on the radio app or open browser the fps drop ingame and wont recover. if i start the radio app/browser first then zwift my fps are as they should be.

apprieciate the help this is going to drive me mad fast

(William Dawes) #4

wasted my entire evening trying to fix this now . ive disabled stuff/ updated all my drivers etc . bloody microsoft… is there an easy way to uninstall this aniversary update and revert to how my pc was earlier.


its going to drive me nuts if i cant multitask while zwifting . as long as i launch the radio first and dont want to switch station i will be able to play at the right fps with music. but ive got no hope of watching any programs/films/videos without the fps dropping to unplayable…as i have to open them on top

(William Dawes) #5

Ive rolled the update back and the issue is now gone :grinning:microsoft suck

(sebastian birch 57 (c)) #6

I have a similar issue - but I have Windows 10 Educational that I used to update a windows 7 installation - 

When I start I get 60fps but after switching or starting some other apps (usually chrome to listen to Pandora - or VLC to watch some cycling videos) I get 7-13fps - This never happened in windows 7 - Even after closing the apps the frame rate stays low - 

I am very reticent to rollback to Win7. 

I have already disabled game DVR and made sure that I was in maximum performance mode (I Have a desktop with a GTX960 P5 and 2 monitors 1 1080 and the other 1920x1200

Any suggestions?