Zwift stuck @1FPS in sensor menu

Hi all, thanks for reading my problem.

Zwift was always running fine on my i7 4790k, 32gb RAM, 1660 Super, AOC 2k monitor. .

Yesterday i was troubleshooting some OBS problems so i added a monitor to my onboard graphics card, played with some Zwift graphic resolution and now zwift wont load properly. In the sensor menu it just goes to 1fps and stays that way or starts crashing. To resolve the problem i need to take 15min of my time to get into live watch, then change my monitor resolution to 1080p in hopes the game will miraculously change its settings and start working normally.

In my hardware monitor i see that Zwift is barely touching my CPU & GPU…Wierd right? My hardware works just fine, i deleted Zwift and all folders, reinstalled and still having the same problems.

I feel like Zwift lost his way to my gpu… Some one here who can relate and help me out?

Awnser Seems like my USB ANT+ was crashing the Sensor Menu. After reinstalling it, it seems to work fine now.

Sounds like the game is trying to use your iGPU, and presumably mixing up the settings so at 4K Ultra on a 1440p monitor that won’t end well (though I still wouldn’t expect 1fps!). Try disabling the iGPU in BIOS and see if that helps. I know it’s not what you’re looking for as far as OBS goes but it should at least force the game to use your 1660S.

Thanks for your response. Sadly i forgot to mention i already tried that option Turned off my Intel GPU in the BIOS.

And reinstalled Zwift after doing so?

No, thanks will give this a shot!

Ensure whatever stuff you’ve got set up for OBS etc doesn’t run at boot or whatever, and intentionally affect the game when you start it up.

It didnt work:( Does ziwft have some temporary files i dont know about?

Also when im watching it seems to work fine, the menus are working fine. Switching back to sensor menu starts crashing the program.

Update, I reinstalled my ANT+ usb and it started working :sweat:. Seems like it was crashing the sensor menu…
Keep you posted after a a day of use.

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