Zwift don't work

Hello. I’ve got a problem with zwift. When I try open a program I see a window “welcome”, click “let’s go” and I see blue screen with white Z and some sentenses. In the end I see Ride On and the program should start. Unfortunately in my computer program is closing. Can you help me? I’ve got Windows 10.

We will need more information about your system.

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Win 10 64bit

This may help: Guide to Getting Useful Support

I found solution. Thanks!. I had to change graphics (I have 2 ). Now I have problem with ANT+. Zwift doesn’t see it and any sensors.

We would still need more info to better assist you.

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Nazwa urządzenia DESKTOP-M90A7D3
Procesor Intel(R) Core™ i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz 2.67 GHz
Zainstalowana pamięć RAM 4,00 GB (dostępne: 3,68 GB)
Identyfikator urządzenia AC8D0DA0-02B9-4450-B7B0-B319A4FCEE01
Identyfikator produktu 00329-10331-55713-AA090
Typ systemu 64-bitowy system operacyjny, procesor x64

AMD Radeon HD 6550M UP to 1659MB HyperMemory

Wersja Windows 10 Enterprise
Wersja 20H2
Zainstalowano dnia ‎02.‎03.‎2021
Kompilacja systemu operacyjnego 19042.1415
Możliwości Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

^over a decade old

it could be problem? Program is working, now doesn’t see ANT+

Please give a FULL rundown of your Zwift setup.

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Not necessarily, I was just pointing it out. :+1: In terms of ability to run a 3D game in 2022 (even one as scalable as Zwift), it will be struggling. Hopefully you get it sorted.

What does it mean full rundown of my zwift setup? What should I give you? I downloaded program from zwift website, after started program updated, I created my profile and I have 7 days free. I’ll not buy more if it doesn’t work. I solved 1 problem but now I don’t have idea :frowning:

in my mobile phone it’s work but I have garmin heart rate sensor which doesn’t work by bt so I have to use ANT+. I’ll try on newer computer but I know it have worse stats :slight_smile:

Ant+ will need a USB dongle, it is not included in PC’s like Bluetooth is.

I’ve got one and Zwift doesn’t see it. Maybe it doesn’t work. I have to check it.

Still would be nice to have more detail about your setup. For example, we still don’t know what trainer or sensors you are trying to use.

Are you getting the pulsing rings on the ANT+ symbol in the pairing screen, or is there a warning triangle? If there are pulsing rings, the ANT+ dongle and your laptop are working fine and the issue is with your trainer/devices. If there’s a warning triangle, you’ll probably need to install the ANT+ driver manually. I’ll post the instructions if needed.

I use elite suito-T and I have garmin heart rate sensor. In the pairing screen I see a white warning triangle next to ANT+ and yellow triangle next to BT (I don’t have BT in my computer so it’s ok but ANT+ is inserted into USB ). I installed zwift on other computer (worse parameters than my but is newer) and everything is ok. I was riding normally. I’m sure that my computer has problem with ANT+ driver.

Dave, Could you send me instructions? Mayby it’ll be work.

So your ANT+ driver needs installing manually. Two ways to try:

Method one:

  1. Open Windows Update and check the list of optional updates.
  2. Locate the ANT+ driver, select it and follow the process through.

Method two:

  1. Download this Zip file and extract it somewhere on your PC: - Google Drive
  2. Hit Start, type Device Manager and hit Enter.
  3. Locate your ANT+ stick in the list; it should be standing out with a warning triangle to signify it isn’t working properly.
  4. Right-click on the ANT+ stick and select Update Driver, then Browse my computer for drivers.
  5. Browse to the folder you extracted, click OK, then Next.
  6. Once the driver is installed, you can now delete the extracted folder and Zip file.