My disappointment about the Zwift when running on Win 10

Zwift cannot provide a smooth picture on my top Dell laptop. I can play games comfortably,
watch 4K videos but don’t ride your bike! This is normal?
If the heart rate sensor was initially disabled using bluetooth and the race was not counted. Now, after installing USB ANT + on a laptop, a loss with all devices began: Wahoo exercise bike, Vector3 pedals, heart rate sensor.
You can pedal and your character stands still on the screen and all sensors are inactive. After a few seconds, they appear and disappear again.
Zwift is not getting any faster or more functional. We get faster hardware on which the application runs much slower than the maximum speed.
Developers are no longer interested in quality, fast, efficient, durable, solid solutions.

I don’t want to play through the AppleTV console or my phone. I have Wahoo in a separate room, where a large TV is connected to a laptop via an HDIM cable.
I am very sad, this is a great Zwift community, but ugly support from the developers. Unfortunately, this month will be the last in this game.

Please post the spec sheet of your laptop.

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What type of video card does it have? I assume most likely integrated graphics, which won’t run a 3D game very well.

Do you use an extension cable to get the ant dongle right under the trainer?

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That should have no problems running Zwift

It seems to be a connection issue.
Did you try to look at your log files @

I cannot give an assessment of the information I saw.

Your wireless environment is pretty terrible and needs a major clean up. Scroll down on that same Zwiftalizer page and there are loads of tips to try.

That aside, you should enable triple buffering and cap the frame rate at 61fps in the Nvidia driver.

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The issue of the video card and the clogged WiFi environment is clear to me and it is enough to connect the laptop via cable.
But this is not what annoys me at all:
what does this have to do with ANT + Kickr snap, Vector3 and heart rate sensors.They work in their own protocol and the Edge530 bike computer does not lose connection with them. Why is there a loss between them and the laptop?

They have their own protocol but they’re still operating on 2.4GHz wireless. Same as your router (and those of neighbours and nearby businesses etc), microwaves, baby monitors and a plethora of other things connected to the internet. This is not a Zwift issue, it’s a matter of the signals between your trainer/pedals and the receiver being disturbed so frequently that the connection to the game is lost over and over again. As I said, have a read on the Zwiftalizer page for tons of tips on how to improve this, I’m not going to list them all out here.

I will definitely apply all the requirements proposed by you and really hope that they will help. I don’t feel like leaving the Zwift community at all

The Nvidia changes should improve the visual experience substantially. Your signal dropouts are a very common occurrence unfortunately and something many people suffer from. I suspect you’d see a big improvement just by use of a USB extension cable to get your ANT+ dongle away from the laptop and closer to the trainer.

If all else fails, consider trying Bluetooth instead. It’s also 2.4GHz wireless but a lot of people find that going from one to the other solves all their problems. :+1:

Dave is the best one, I hoped he will comment when I wrote my answer in the morning!
Hope you can solve your issues and stay with us, ride on!

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