Zwift freezing after 30 - 45 minutes of riding

I tried Zwift using my Android phone and it worked well. I have since purchased a new Lenovo IdeaPad 3 running Windows 10 with a 10th gen Intel Core i3 processer, Intel UHD GPU and 8 GB of Ram. Zwift has frozen on all of the dozen rides I’ve tried but one. The lock-up typically happens between 30 and 45 minutes, but sometimes it happens as soon as 5 minutes into the ride. I have the latest version of the program, and run it with the companion app on my Android. When the screen freezes I can still hear the audio advancing, and the CPU shows continued activity when looking at the performance graphs on Task Manager, but the GPU activity drops from 98% to 0%. This has become increasingly frustrating. Can anyone advise me on settings to change or anything else I can do to make it all the way to the end of a ride?

How are you connected to Zwift, ANT + or Bluetooth?
Insure other Bluetooth devices other than HR and Cadence are not connected or nearby. Sometimes BT headphones can cause a problem.

It seems to be the GPU - I would say it is overheating.

Currently connecting my Wahoo Kickr Snap, Cadence and HRM through Bluetooth. I have an Ant+ dongle on order and will try connecting the Kickr Snap using that once it arrives, and will try connecting cadence and HRM through BT on Android/companion app to see if that helps.

This seems like a possible cause. I’m a low - mid level techie at best. Is there any way I can pull a report from my computer to verify?

If you connect your trainer through ANT+ you should be ok connecting your other sensors ANT+ as well. Most HR and Cadence sensor now transmit both ANT+ and BT. It’s when you listen to music using BT headphones that can sometimes cause an issue.
I’ve never heard of the overheating theory before. Not saying that it can’t happen but doesn’t seem common.

“… looking at the performance graphs on Task Manager, but the GPU activity drops from 98% to 0%” - the GPU stops working to prevent damage. It happened on each ride, that has nothing to do with BLE or ANT+.
An Intel GPU is not the best option for Zwift.

Odd that the GPU could overheat enough after 30 minutes so much so that it basically shuts down. I would have thought maybe lower FPS but I’m no expert on this. When I started coding the PC wasn’t even invented.:joy:
Anyway, what about cleaning the vents and checking the fan? Or are you saying that the model GPU is never going to handle Zwift?

Not enough information about GPU - Intel UHD?
But Intel GPU seem generally be a problem, shortly I posted this in another thread:

That is an Inter Iris Plus GPU, compared with my ENTRY LEVEL Nvidia GTX 1650…

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@Milan_Rost is there a setting where he can adjust his clock on the GPU to maybe reduce the load? Or does Zwift have a graphics setting that can be tweaked?

Sorry, do not know anything about Intel GPUs (also no info in the article you linked). There seem to be more users with the issues.

I have experienced the same problems, and have been advised by Zwift support that there is a known issue with Intel UHD graphics. It does seem ridiculous that such a common graphics card can constantly cause such issues. They did advise that they were working on a resolution but it has been causing me an issue since I upgraded 6 months ago.

Today I experienced my first crashes on Zwift, in ~2 years using the same laptop. This was immediately after installing December’s updates to Windows.
I have Intel UHD620 graphics. Both crashes were after exactly 20m:08s on Yorkshire. The second ride was immediately after the first. I am Zwifting in an unheated shed at ~8 degrees C. So I doubt overheating is an issue- I’d have seen overheating on the second ride much more quickly.
I’m going to re-install Zwift and try again…

It could also be video or chipset drivers. I had a similar crashing experience on a gaming laptop, with a GTX 1660, until I manually updated all the drivers for everything. The auto-update feature claimed there were no updates.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that brand new laptops are shipping with obsolete or broken drivers.

I’m experiencing something very similar - Zwift suddenly freezing. For me it was on the Tour of New York.

I’m running Zwift on an HP laptop with an Intel i5 1035 chip with onboard UHD graphics. 8GB RAM doesn’t seem to be the issue.

The fan runs up to speed quite often, which like you I found surprising; I’m in an unheated garage with my big floor fan blowing the cold air at me.

I’ve looked in the Windows Reliability History and found that Windows recorded a Livekernel 141 fault just before Zwift froze.


During the past few month I experience some crashing of Zwift during my training. I’m on a new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with the Intel Core i5-1035G4 10th generation, 8Go ram LPDDR4x and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics.

So, I made some test with runing Zwift with no other application open on my computer and I never experience a crash. Or, if I let Microsoft TEAMS open, during the my training around 40 min after I start, Zwift freeze each time. I don’t know if we can find a bug there, but there is something to investigate…


I have very same issue of freezing Zwift around 38-40 mins after start for 30 secs. Using HP x360 w/ Intel graphics.
Did they say, when it is going to be fixed? Did they propose a workaround?

My problem tends to be random in riding time, and definitely the more riders the more likely it is to crash. I tried riding TDZ yesterday with 2500 riders and it froze after 10 minutes. I had to restart my computer and log back in, and I was able to ride for another 90 minutes without issue. On the previous TDZ stage with only 800 riders I had the exact same problem and again I was fine after restarting laptop. It would appear that even users of high end machines have been experiencing issues in the larger events, but not to the same level.
It would appear the best resolution is to splash out on a gaming machine with a separate graphics card and avoid the large events. Which kind of devalues the reason for riding. Personally I’m more interested in riding/racing than how pretty the butterflies look in Watopia.
Of course the other option is to use on of the alternatives out there, but personally I like the interactive nature of Zwift, and find if I do events/races that do not have large numbers, preferably on one of the routes not in use that day, I don’t have anywhere near as many issues.