Zwift crash - Solved ?-too hot

I have been having Ant+ drops after about 1 hour of riding.
I have noticed that my computer has been running pretty hot this year compared to other years.
I put my computer on a cooling pad and it seems to have improved (fixed?) the problem.

My computer only runs hot when I run Zwift.
It seems after some of the recent upgrades this has been a problem for me.
If your having recent weird issues, maybe a cheap cooling pad will help.
I got one for $20.

This is good info because these weird behaviors are hard to nail down. Can you describe more specifically what problems you were experiencing? Did Zwift crash? How did it crash? How long could you ride before you had problems?

I use Windows 10 on an i3 7100U 2.4 GHz and 12 GB ram.
Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620.
I use Ant+ and use a Kinetic trainer with an InRoad 3 sensor.
I use a HDMI cable to a 32 inch TV.

Pretty low end.

After about 1 hour, my power would drop to 0, HR 0.
No Ant+ signal.
I could still connect using bluetooth.
Even so, the frame rate seemed to drop to 2-4 per minute.
The computer felt hotter, especially the left side.

I set my resolution on the lowest setting, moved my Ant+ dongle to the usb port on the other side and got a cooling pad and I had no problem X 1 ride.
Fingers crossed.

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So just to help me understand better Zwift never crashed you lost your trainer signal? So it could be that the excess heat from the HD graphics card was affecting the USB port and the ANT+ connection. If you left reconnected using Bluetooth, even with the hot laptop would Zwift run as usual? I have also read about issues with different brands of ANT+ dongles.

Given the older HD graphics card, there have been others with problems with the HD, I am certain that the cooling pad helps. Your graphics would improve for sure but why do you continue to use ANT+ if BT seems to be more stable?

You might want to open up the laptop and check the fan(s) for buildup of dust/dirt.

I prefer to connect to Zwift with Ant+ because traditionally, it was more stable and by doing so, I could use the blue tooth to connect to the Kinetic app on my phone and calibrate my trainer sensor without disconnecting from Zwift.
My phone does not have Ant+.

Even when I was able to re establish a trainer connection with bluetooth, on 2 occasions, the frame rate was too slow to ride.
On 2 occasions, I finished my ride without a problem.
Iā€™m now to the point of doing the Uber pretzel and full PRL and really want to get the reliability back up.

Each update gets me closer to being non supported with little obvious improvement in the game.

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