Zwift has been freezing the last two nights

(Mike Bishop ECO) #1

I will be riding along and the screen will freeze.  I don’t lose internet connection because all the other riders are still there.  My person freezes for 10-30 seconds and the timer on Zwift will only go down 1-2 seconds.  Both nights I was able to get through my workout without losing data or crashing.  I watched the resources on my computer.  The memory was very stable at about 40%, CPU was very low <10%, Network was very low (I am using hardwire) but my Disk seemed to be the problem.  At certain times it would go to 100% and then Zwift would lock up.  I had no other programs running tonight.  My hard drive has 900 GB free. 

This is a new problem for me since the latest update.  I love the program and want to help you figure this out.  I noticed that some other people had similar issues on a Mac but I am on a PC.



(Todd Taylor) #2

I had Zwift lock-up and eventually crash on 01/03 and 01/04 as well.  Both times were within a few minutes of me completing my rides :-/  

Hopefully you’ve entered a trouble ticket to Zwift with your log files so they can determine what’s going on.

(Jason K) #3

Mike, I’ve created a ticket from this request so we can investigate further. If anyone else is experiencing this, please submit a ticket as well. Thanks!

(David Peake) #4

I’ve had Zwift freeze up and the program becomes unresponsive in the past week.  This is first time that I’ve had any sort of issue or problem.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #5

In my experience, when things like this happen it is usually due to overheating on the GPU itself. What PC/laptop/GPU are you using to run Zwift? 

Is it just Zwift that locks up? Or the entire computer itself? 

(Mike Bishop ECO) #6

I have a Dell Desktop with Intel graphics. I have not had a problem until the recent update. I have also found that if I ride easy there is no problem.  Only Zwift pauses. 

(David Peake) #7

I have a Lenovo laptop with an Intel 4600 graphics card.  Zwift is the only program that freezes; Trainerroad will continue to run as normal.  There also doesn’t seem to be any heat issues when this happens.

(Huw Thomas ODZ (B) ZHR (F) SCTT) #8

This happens to me too on my Dell Inspiron 17 core i7

no heat issues

ditto trainer road fine although I usually run this on iphone and keep pc for just zwift


Have entered on separate ticket


(Lee Hunt (CRC)) #9

Having exactly the same issue on my Mac running Mavericks. 

(James Leviton) #10

For me Zwift is freezing after 25 minutes (mostly when I approach a hill).  I have to turn everything off to start again.  I also am getting no power ups or close the gap messages. Please help

(d rackoski) #11

same here.  I have a fast internet connection, have an internet signal booster on top of that, have a usb cable, do not have any thing causing interference, have tried a wire connection, etc, etc, and over the last week or so, i get freeze ups and slow streaming.  Last night when I logged in, the program was running slow from the start.  I rebooted the computer, reset ANT, tried  a wire connection vs wireless, nothing worked.  Noted there was an update from Zwift.  Very frustrating.  Do you need to be a systems analysis to make this work correctly???

(Sam Hussain) #12

Same issue here the last couple of nights. So frustrating especially during workout mode. I had to give up tonight. Unusable. 

I note that during workout mode it would freeze & when it resumed it would continue where it left off which makes it really hard. One of my efforts was +1 minute of extra time.

(Matt Cole) #13

Yep having freeze issues in past week or so. Zwift will hang for 30 secs up to 25 mins. MBP Mavericks + Neo. No changes to setup.

(Patrick Luckow.) #14

Same issue here. Late 2011 Macbook Pro, 10.11.3.

(Sam Chambers) #15

I just had freezing on Zwift for the first time – twice in 1 hour of riding. This had never happened before.


I’m on a new Macbook 12, running the latest version of el capitan.

(Wout VC (Zwefie)) #16

The last few days I have the freezing as wel.

I drive a Tacx Neo with a Tacx Ant+ receiver.

It freezes about 20 to 30 times in a 60 minute ride.

(Tim Francis) #17

Locking up for me tonight.  Multiple times within first 10minutes of ride.  Rebooted computer (macbook air), router, kickr, no win.  Gave up.

(Adrian Amos HPP) #18

Same issue: brand spankin’ new Toshiba Core i7 laptop w/ 4K video running Windows 10 Enterprise with no bloatware, and hard lockups every few minutes, lasting anywhere from 5 to 90 seconds.

(Wout VC (Zwefie)) #19

Yesterday an update and the freezing seems to be worse.

The first minute 3 freezes.

PC is way above the minimum needs for Zwift. Network is more then fast enough.

Better log a ticket

(Patrick Luckow.) #20

I solved my issue - I didn’t have enough upload bandwidth, another process was chewing it up simultaneously. When I stopped that Zwift stopped freezing/stuttering.