Zwift will not update and completely freezes

I cannot update Zwift without uninstalling and reinstalling it each time. Additionally, I am getting frequent, complete freezes about twenty minutes into workouts. Very frustrating. I have to actually turn off the computer and reboot. I managed to creat a crash log today but when I tired to send it to Zwift, it said the file was too large. I have an HP laptop that is about 5 years old I think. It is running an AMD Radeon R7 M340. I know nothing about graphics but thought I would mention this. Under Display adapters my computer also says I have an Intel ® HD graphics 520. For $15 per month, I’m about to move on. Just isn’t worth it. Any thoughts about a simple solution? I should mentione sometimes the scrren doesn’t freeze but my avatar stops riding even though I am still pedaling. Wireless connection seems to be strong. Thanks.

Hi Shari, it sounds like it might be a memory issue on your PC. Try deleting some old files that are taking up space and then do a “disk cleanup”. Another thing you can try is running a Zwift session on your mobile device, phone or tablet, and see if you notice the same issues. If you do then I would look at your WiFi connections and if not then I would suspect the PC.

Disk space and memory are 2 completely different pieces of hardware.

Ok, I’m not all that literate here. I have plenty of disk space and 8 gig of RAM. I turn everything else off that I know about when running the program. Maybe there is stuff in the backgound? I can check before I start.

@Paul_Allen is an expert on this stuff so perhaps he can offer a few things to try. I think the mobile test might be valuable in providing some clues.

Is this a Win7 or Win10 computer?

Are all the drivers up to date?

Is Windows Updates installed and up to date?

Is this a work computer?

Not really much info to go on.

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I’m not a heavy tech person, but yes, Windows updates routinely. I believe everything is up to date although if Windows updates do not update drivers then I’m not sure they are updated, or sure how to check. I do run updates on my computer, also routinely. I’m running Windows 10 on an HP ProBook 450 G3 that is about 4 years old and is a work computer. I do notice that about 45% of my memory is taken up just by programs running when I start up. That seems like a lot. I have 233GB available on my hard drive. What else can I tell you? I didn’t use to have as many problems as I do now. The Zwift program loads and starts but when it freezes, there is no option but to completely reboot. In the past uninstalling and reinstalling made the problem stop occurring, at least for a while, but with this last go round, that didn’t even work. I did download the program to my tablet so will see if that works. Thanks for your help.

I Zwift using my IPad instead of my old HP laptop . The graphics are better and the laptop takes forever to load. The biggest drawback is that the leaderboard is so small it is hard to see but since I’m never in the mix it really doesn’t matter.

Are you using a VPN?

No. I connect wirelessly. The router is one floor up. We have what I think is called a “repeater” or something like that, in the basement although honestly, I’m not sure I would know if it was working. Probably good to figure that out! Still, based on my recollection the wireless emblem is completely lit up on my computer when I ride. When I ride next with my tablet I should be able to confirm whether or not it is a connectivity issue.

You probably need to talk to your IT department.

VPN is common amongst work computers and is not related to how you connect to your WiFi… Your work computer may be set up with a VPN to protect it from various threats so that whenever you connect to your home internet it will automatically connect through a VPN.
I don’t even know if a VPN would cause your problems. I was hoping as an IT expert like @Paul_Allen would know. So, maybe ask your work IT department if you connect to your home internet through a VPN but I doubt they will want you disabling it. Maybe Paul knows a work around to try and disable VPN when Zwifting.

Sorry. I am self-employed. Yes, I use the computer for work, but it isn’t a work computer in the way you were asking. Just wasn’t thinking about how you meant it. Anyway, I think I will try the tablet or another service. Thanks.

Some one else just posted about Zwift crashing mid ride when they were using BT to connect to their trainer and also BT to connect earbuds to their IPhone for music. So, I am not sure how you are connecting Zwift to your trainer but make sure if using BT that it is the only connection.
This shouldn’t effect your Zwift update issue.

That’s interesting. Yes, I use BT to connect to Zwift and often to connect my earbuds to my phone. I’ll see if just using one helps.

I’ve done a couple things. I put Zwift in the window mode so I could watch my CPU and Memory while riding. This morning it looked like levels on both hovered around 50%. I read an old post that said to elevate the laptop so it doesn’t get too hot. I did that. I found a program related to AMD Radeon, which I think is a graphics card, that was hogging my CPU and disabled it. I don’t know what program launches this software because when I rode this morning with Zwift, it wasn’t running. But, I had no crash today either. So the AMD Radeon thing might be a red herring, because as I said, this isn’t my area, but today was the first day I have not had a crash in quite a while.

Good news bad news
Bad News: I guess all of my tweeks were red herrings. Zwift completely froze two minutes in, twice this morning.
Good news: I tried my the app on my phone and it seemed to work! But a longer ride and more trials are necessary to see if it really is just my computer.
Bad news: I finally received a reply from Zwift Support which apparently I can’t paste here but basically it said they would give me a free 30 day trial of Zwift when I buy a trainer or smart bike from them. Suffice it to say, it does not appear they have any meaningful support and these forums are it. If I was more of a computer geek, I’m sure I could figure this out but since I’m not…So hopefully ancillary devices will work, and if not, I will move onto some other program.

Other than these issues with Zwift, you’re using the machine with multiple other programs and don’t see any abnormal behavior?

The inability to update without uninstalling is weird, how much free space is there on your HD?

As you suggest, more runs using Zwift from your phone will be informative.

Quick question @Shari_Lutz if you are using a Windows PC why don’t you use a ANT+ dongle?

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Good question: because I didn’t know any better. I did a little reading about the dongle and the literature said old bluetooth can be an issue. So maybe this is part of the answer. I did use my tablet this week, which is new, with no issues whatsoever. Connected via Blue Tooth, but again, the Blue Tooth would be newer.