Zwift pausing / crashing issues

Whenever i do a ride on zwift after around 45 mins to an hour it begins pausing for up to 30 seconds or more and eventually will just crash , has anyone else experienced this? I am pretty sure its not a problem with my internet connection as that is hardwired from my laptop to my router with an ethernet cable and I have a download speed of 60 mbps and upload of around 15-20 .
I run zwift on my laptop so I am wondering whether it is the laptop itself ? i have read that the amount of frames per second affects the screen dropping out etc , anyone know where i can get help to verify this ?
thank you

Graphics card overheating? If you described your hardware and settings more completely it might help people solve the issue.

Processor - intel core i3-2330m CPU @ 2.20GHZ
RAM - 4 GB (3.85 useable)
64 bit operating system
Graphics Card - Intel HD Graphics 3000

is this any help ?

Sounds like an old PC card, a quick google suggests that’s about 10 years old, so overheating after 45-60 minutes sounds like a definite possibility. However, I would defer to others who know more about PCs than I do so perhaps someone else will chime in.

How many threads are already there with Intel GPU issues since the Dec update…
I tried to ask Zwift (@shuji) for a comment, no reply.

I like Zwift, have personally no issues and the price is OK for me - but the communication with the users is a PITA.

could not agree more.

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Well that is below the minimum specs for Zwift:

Paul, I did not check if this one GPU is below - but look how many people has problems, with Intel HD, UHD and Iris GPUs.
I know - a dedicated GPU is much better (I have a GTX 1650), but I can understand users reporting “no problems til Dec update and crashing now” are angry.
It is not only about this GPUs - it is once more the lack of communication!

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You might want to check your thermal paste as well, but nothing will help if some of your computer parts are below spec.