My zwift is crashing to desktop

(Luis Costa) #1

Hi all,

I’ve start using Zwift this week but it keeps crashing… it’s very annoying. Sometimes takes 5 min sometimes 1hr but it always crashes to desktop during my rides… I’ve checked the updates, i’ve reinstalled the programme, i’ve start a clean windows session removing all the other programmes. I’ve contacted the zwift assistance but nothing back.
I have a Intel Core i7-8750H Processor 2.2 GHz (9M Cache, ate 4.1 GHz), Intel UHD Graphics 630;NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 ( 4 GB Dedicated)
. 16 GB
. 1 TB;256 GB SSD
Windows 10

I use a Tacx Neo.
Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Try running Zwift in Windowed mode (you can change it in Settings) and see if that helps. Also, if possible drop your Zwift graphics settings down to 1080p (also in Settings).

Ride On.

(Luis Costa) #3

Thanks. i’m using the windowed mode but i will try to change the graphics later and see if it works.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

I am guessing the crashes started about the same time the amount of Zwift users increased, so dropping the graphics should help with the issue.

What graphics setting are you using at the moment?

(Luis Costa) #5

Not sure to be totally honest. i will need to look into that later when i get back home.

(Luis Costa) #6

I´ve changed to 720p and after 30min it crashed again. I disabled chats, photo uploads, sound…

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #7

Are you sure Zwift is using the 1050ti for graphics? What is the max graphics setting you can use on Zwift?

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #8

Drop you latest log file in that may help you to see what is going on. If you need help with interpretation you can post screen shots here.

(Luis Costa) #9

It allows me to choose until 4K. There was a period of time that lost the blutooth connection, but that´s a different thing. If you can please help me.

(Luis Costa) #10

And this is from yesterday.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #11

Thanks for providing the screen shots.

It look like you have some network issues, I just compared your network errors (Blue line Delays) to mine and yours go up to 10 when mine barely make it to 1. Are you on Wifi.

I will do some more comparison tonight.

(Luis Costa) #12

I’m using Wifi yes. Should i try cable? i’ll give it a go tonight

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #13

i would suggest if you have the option to use cable then yes , it is a lot more stable than WiFi. most games will suggest that you use cable.

(Luis Costa) #14

I’ll try tonight. Thanks

(Luis Costa) #15

Still the same…

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #16

When you say Crash do you mean zwift closes and you can’t ride or does the screen minimize and you see the desktop?

(_) #17

I’d aim for a game (and display which is being used for Zwift) resolution setting (in windowed mode) of less than 720p Ultra with your setup. Maybe 720p less than Ultra would be good. Regardless you want to aim for a setting that yields you a minimum of 60fps for a decent experience with any game.

Zwift uses about 3GB of GPU memory,(at 1080p Ultra) you said your GTX 1050 has 4GB of dedicated GPU memory but I suspect it may only be 2GB, putting more strain on your system to compensate. Zwift is a beast for graphics on a Windows setup, the minimum specs for running 1080 Ultra should be a GTX 1060 6GB in the NVIDIA world, I can’t comment on AMD GPU performance.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #18

The 1050 is 2GB and the 1050ti is 4GB.

In the AMD world I would suggest a RX 580 (either the 4GB or 8GB should be ok) or above for 1080.

(_) #19

Here’s a reality check for Windows users in the peak season with almost 10,000 riders on a map.

Below is a shot from zwiftalyzer from my ride today. I have a mid-range Windows gaming PC. My CPU is running at 4.7Ghz on 6 cores and my GTX 1080 is running at 1949Mhz. Today when riding through crowds i hit as low as 72fps. When its crowded you need better graphics than when its not. When you look at Zwiftalyzer think of your max fps as your fps as if no one else was on the map.

(Elise Yanover ) #20

Yes I would ask the same question re the total crash or if you click on open windows it’s still there. I just solved my issue with the minimizing. I realized it happened on a schedule. Like within 15 mins and every hour after that. After much googling, there was a task scheduler set on my Windows 10 for within 15 mins and every hour. I disabled that and voila no more disappearing. So if you can still open the window then that’s your issue. I forget how to find that setting but google how to get to task scheduler in your settings.