Zwift Crashing to desktop

Hi, Can someone help analyze my zwiftalizer file to understand why my Zwift keeps crashing to desktop. I run in Windowed mode with ANT+ after replacing the bluetooth dongle and still get crashes to desktop. I cannot see anything that shows a connection drop in the log file, but I may not know what to look for.

I had a few HR monitor issues so there was a few repairings of that if it shows up.

Also can someone tell me how to actually add the pictures to this post? Every time I do it it tells me I cannot add media, and if I try to add it as a link I cannot add links to my post either.

I assume you have a good reason to run in windowed mode and can’t do fullscreen? The one time I ran in windowed mode, Zwift crashed after half an hour or so.

What are your computer spec’s. It may be a overheating issue.

Ant+ or Bluetooth won’t crash the pc.

It crashed in fullscreen mode and from suggestions online they stated to run in windowed mode. Doesnt seem to have fixed anything though

i5 4590
12GB ram
GTX 680

I have just swapped over to a GTX 750ti just to see if a newer card provides a bit more stability. I will see how that goes.