Zwift freezing or crashing mid session

I just rejoined Zwift after the summer. I am finding that Zwift is consistently freezing for 1-2 seconds around 20 min into my rides. It has typically resumed just fine, but this morning it crashed after the freeze and returned me to the desktop. I have used Zwift for several years without any issues. The thing that has changed is that I am now paired with a Tacx Neo instead of just a power meter. This happens either in workout/erg mode or free riding. Zwiftalizer is not showing any network errors or Ant drop-outs. I am on Windows 10, i7-3770, 32GB RAM, GTX 1060.

Hey Mike, can you test just connecting your power meter to see if you’re still experiencing these hiccups?

You can also try a clean boot before starting the app: How to perform a clean boot in Windows
Some software can interfere with the games performance regardless of your setup.

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Hi Vincent, thanks for responding. I’ve done a few more rides to try to narrow things down. After ruling out the route, wifi, world mode, solo mode, I noticed my ANT dongle was a bit far away from the base of my Neo. I moved it to around 18 inches and had no problems on the next ride. I’ve had ANT dropouts before with just power and cadence paired and it would just cause me to coast. So you may be right in that an ANT dropout with trainer control paired is causing the issue. On my next ride I’ll test this by disconnecting my receiver with and without control paired to see if that is the root cause.

I went on a longer ride this morning and experienced a 1 sec freeze without a crash. My Ant dongle was about 12 inches from my trainer. I noticed from the log that there was a network delay at around that time. I did a test where I disconnected my Ant dongle mid-ride and I just started coasting. I am going to try a ride tomorrow using a Bluetooth connection via the connect app.

I rode this morning using the iOS app to connect my trainer via bluetooth to the PC Desktop app. Saw a 1 sec freeze 55 min into my ride. I will turn off trainer control pairing as you recommended earlier on my next ride.

Keep us updated Mike!

I had a 1 sec freeze again 58 minutes into my ride this morning. Here was my setup:
Tacx Neo paired to power and cadence via Ant+ to PC - trainer control not paired
Free ride on Road to Sky course
PC networked via WiFi - 50mbps up 50mbps down
Zwiftalizer showed no Ant searches or network delays/errors during ride
Freezes have not been consistent with time of day or elapsed time during ride

I will send a message to support with my launcher, config, and log files.

Thanks for the details Mike. Support will do their best to get to the bottom of these hiccups.

I am having a similar problem. About five to ten minutes in the program blinks out and takes me to the desk top. the program keeps running but I have to click on the icon in the task bar to bring it back up. Only does it once per session, about five to ten minutes in

did you fix this problem, the same is happening to me. Just got Tacx Neo trainer I wonder if that is issue? It’s so frustrating almost every time I click a power up or it loses power, it blanks out to windows desktop and I have to go to open apps to re click it again.

Are you running in Full screen or windowed mode. This usualy happen if you have another program that is running in the background and take focus of the screen but does not return it to Zwift. (this happens with a lot of games)

If tried windowed and full screen mode and can’t find the program that take focus you can use “border less gaming app” and run Zwift in windowed mode.

Hmm I used to run not in full screen but just changed it to full screen so do you think this could be it ?
I’ll go back to windowed mode if you think this is the issue.


The issue went away with one of the recent updates. I was working with support and it seemed to be related to the Zwift app taking pictures of my ride in the background and trying to upload them to Strava or Garmin Connect.

Ok thanks.

I do all the updates but will try to use windowed vs full screen to see if it stops collapsing back to my windows main screen.

It’s kinda annoying!

I’m still having the issue. Annoying but not a deal breaker.

Maybe today’s update fixed it.
I did a workout so it was ok…and switched to window. I’ll see tomorrow when I do a course. My power dropped twice but otherwise my screen didn’t disappear.

as for the crashing issue going back to windows screen, support said my drivers were outdated which they were, so I did that and seemed to fix it. I haven’ tried full window again but all seems fine so check your drivers.

I’m having the same issue.
I’ll be in riding and the game will freeze for 1-2 seconds and then exits out of Zwift. Happens almost every time.
Yesterday when it kicked me out I was looking at my companion Zwift app on my iPhone and it showed I was still riding in the game. I clicked it and the Pop up stated, Oops you are still riding come back later for details. I can log back onto Zwift in a new session and the companion app still sees me as riding the previous ride.
Using TACX Flux S Smart trainer and connecting to my new MSI gaming computer with updated Nvidia GTX 1060, Windows 10, 8th generation intel chipset.
Connecting with Bluetooth LE to trainer from computer.
I will try a clean reboot to find the problem and a Window instead of fullscreen.
In the log files there is no error. I see dropped packets a lot that are logged.
It’s probably a background program?
Or is it possibly my garmin connect and Garmin 520 doing it? They are connected with the bluetooth as well.
On my wifes bike the same thing is happening.
I’ll report more later.
Any ideas?

I haven’t seen the issue for a while. In my original case, it was related to Zwift trying to upload an image to Strava or Garmin Connect. I now keep the Upload Images setting on “Never.” The other time I get a “crash” is when a background task takes over while I am riding, for example, Windows Update has finished updating my system and is notifying me that it wants to restart. In those cases, it has just switched to the background task and Zwift is still running in the task bar. I am able to just tap on it and switch back into the game. If your app is actually crashing, I would send your logs with a ticket to Zwift Support. The logs are very verbose and they can see exactly what was going on with Zwift and your system when the crash occurred.

Yeah I feel it’s a background program causing it. But I get kicked out of the program completely. No crash error page. Nothing in the log saying it closed unexpectedly that I can see. I lose all my bonuses, badges that I earned on the ride and even my calories burned stays the same, but I can see my ride and how far I made it when it crashed. Unfortunately I have to restart Zwift every time.
Maybe it’s Steam doing it cause it runs in the background and updates their game Engine and some games?
I’m at work right now so won’t be able to check it out until this evening if I get time.
Thanks for the response! Ride on!