Zwift is crashing galore

Randomly. Mid Training. I’d say since 1-2 weeks. I suspect your “groovy update”, since it would run fine and dandy for years. Needless to say that crashing games are ok for me. You just crash, go back into the game, and keep on playing from your last savegame.

However, for a cycling app, I’m paying money for, with such a high quantity of users, which in return is probably making you rich as f, and that I’m primarily using to do decent training, this is entirely unacceptable.

I’ve got 7-8 crashes mid training. Just freezes Zwift without warning, giving me the infinit blue windows “app doesn’t respond” warning. I’d need to exit Zwift via the task bar, because it would simply refuse to respond. I entirely deinstalled and reinstalled Zwift. I checked all my hardware, and I did so multiple times. At this point I’m pretty outraged(not frustrated, not disappointed, OUTRAGED…you get the notion).

I’ve send you an Email with my specs(which should easily outperform anything you throw at it), and the crash logs. Please get this fixed pronto, I’ve got better things to do than being constantly pissed because I can’t do my shedule.

I’d advice building a test center from all the money you gain, with about 100 PCs, and then pay forum dwellers to test the s out of your app next time before you prematurely release Zwift in such a broken state.

Thank you.

Can you post up the full specs of your PC here, please?

Please post your system specs. I don’t work for Zwift so it’s only for my information, but I’m trying to establish there’s a new issue causing all these recent reports of crashing. I believe there is.



I actually have 3 PCs, Zwift is installed on two, while sleeping on my media PC. My current(active) setup:

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
intel i5 11400F
16GB RAM G.Skill@2933Mhz
Samsung Evo 970 M2 SSD
Sapphire Radeon Vega 56

I’m working with an Ant+ dongle I’ve bought on Amazon. Can’t remember the name, only it wasn’t a cheap class dongle, about 40€. I’m also working with an Elite Tuo Trainer, and the rest of my training hardware is Polar(watch, heart rate belt and monitor). I would always use the Android companion app, on my Samsung S20+. I’m also using a Garmin cadence and speed meter, all of which are simultaneously connected to both, my Polar watch, and the Ant+ dongle. I’d sync all my training to Strava, if that has any relevance.

This setup I’m working with since 2018(or was it 2019?..can’t exactly remember). Was working fine since 1-2 weeks ago.

Edit: Ohh, and while I’m here ranting. Trying to deinstall Zwift isn’t probarly done. There are nested files somewhere, that I can not find. Given how Zwift has a history of fing with remnant files after updates, I do not really appreciate you guys weren’t ever thinking about modyfying your installer.

I’d like to be informed where exactly all of your files go, so I can manually do a proper whipe, before trying to reinstall. I somehow suspect some of the old files keep messing the new update up.

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Thanks. :+1:

Think your issues might relate to your graphics card, there’s been a few reports on AMD GPUs in the last month or two. Not sure what you can do aside from test different Radeon drivers. :confused:

Totally agree. Posted yesterday about the (supposedly) fixed Companion app Bluetooth bridge.

Just completed another system test with a simple Watopia “free” ride (eventually managed to get going after crashing, rebooting etc.) where I rode for a mammoth 40 mins with everything working just fine via the Bluetooth bridge. Whether it would have lasted longer than this I simply don’t know because I lost interest.

My (uneducated) guess is that the latest version of Zwift just isn’t fit for purpose. There is also some kind of weird interplay between the Zwift gaming app and the Companion app which means that the Bluetooth “bridge” is still unreliable and can fail at any time without warning.

Guys, stop implying this has anything to do with GPU drivers. This system is running Zwift for years. The Vega56 hasn’t got an update in months, if not years as well. I know my way around very well, given I’m a coder, modder, and random game developer as well. You’d try to pin things that have changed recently if trouble shows up, NOT things that run stable for years, specially if Zwift is the only software giving you trouble.

They released a broken BETA. There, I said it.


It’s not just a pc issue, I’m having problems with the app on Apple TV (which has been bullet-proof prior to the 1.23.0 update). The Companion app Bluetooth bridge, on the other hand, has never been totally reliable (for me, at least). Something is definitely amiss.

What issues on ATV?

Yeah, I somehow suspected the companion app as well. But today I’ve gotten two crashes without using it, trying to bugtrack the issue.

Also, if anyone of you suspects any of your hardware failing, like batterys getting empty etc. This MAY be the cause with the new update, but since this wasn’t happening before, like it would do some weird stuff if f.e. your cadence sensor failed, it would certainly never crash. Zwift never crashed for me once since day one.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t crash with the new update. Hence why I precautiously changed all the batterys a week ago, on all my hardware. Obviously to no avail.

Multiple issues, but these may be confounded (or caused) by trying to use the Companion app Bluetooth bridge to pair my devices.

I haven’t tried running my smart trainer directly to ATV as both the power source & controllable since the latest update; I need to do this asap.

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I’m not using bluetooth ever. I’m connected via Ant+, so it can’t be BT exclusive.

Reading through the various topics, and the responses in here, I’d say BETA again.

I don’t disagree with you. There’s definitely something off with the latest couple of game releases, see my various posts whinging about this forum about it.

You’re shouting at people trying to help.

@Crat_Thorax - thanks for reporting this here & for responding in a Zwift crashing during events thread that I started yesterday (here).

For anyone experiencing game crashes during events, please add your comments and details in this thread, and also submit a support ticket with Zwift…the more info we share, the quicker a fix can be identified & rolled out.

Hi @Crat_Thorax

From what I can tell, there have been various reports of seemingly excessive CPU usage on PCs since the last Zwift update and this may be resulting in things like massive FPS drops and perhaps even Zwift app crashes. I’ve reached out to a higher tech authority on the team in an effort to get more information for everyone. I’ll update you when I know more.


Might be something to this. Usually my PC works great. I’m on a Vega 56 too and did have some issues several months back, had updated the driver which resolved it back to normal stable system. Then couple days ago the crashing started again.

Came in here now just to see if any other reports were going around. Updated to the latest drivers in the hope of improvement (Feb 24th 22.2.3) and its totally unusable as I type now. Crashed 3 times in as many minutes, unable to even get into an event. Going to try an older driver (because I can’t roll back zwift!) and see if any ‘success’.

Since January 18th I have had numerous crashes (Windows 10, 3060ti) logs show a kernel error.

It’s not my job to downgrade any drivers. It’s their job to do proper testing for new releases, specially if there are knowen problems with Vega GPUs. My only job is to mount the bike, and start pedaling, and install all the newest drivers for all my hardware. Which happens naturally given my background as veteran PC gamer.

I’m a customer. Why do big companys in a genuine monopolistic position, use to vomit out BETAs without giving a second thought in quality assurance nowadays? It’s becoming more and more standard practice. They have so many customers, they can give two fs if some turn their back on them, due to frustration. I freaking hate it. Steam, Nvidia, Microsoft, AMD, Google…the list is big and increasing.

Summer is coming. I’ll just unsub from Zwift if I crash again this week. Cycling outside is way more fun anyways. If my money isn’t good enough I’ll keep my eyes open for more professionell providers.

Thing about how terrible it must be if you’re an amateur or pro, with an actual training shedule, that can’t be worked on because they messed up. A simple “we’re working on it” simply isn’t enough. Role back the update, fix the BETA internally, then have it released. Job done! Or even better. Not have a broken BETA released to begin with. Job done!

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Spoiler alert…


For what it’s worth, I’m also getting tons of crashes on a Vega56 since the last Zwift update. Rolled back my drivers, still crashing.

Agree that this is very frustrating for a paid service.

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