App keeps crashing during training session

ftp training day 4, tried to complete it 4 times, sometimes it dies after 5 mins sometimes after 25 mins;
i tried the log viewer but to no avail, link here:

so it looks like I cannot insert log links but if you add https and zwiftalizer com in front on the link it will work

this is an older PC but it seems to be powerful enough to handle the game
i believe log has all needed details
wahoo kicker core on Win10

Thank you,

Hi Mike. First things first there’s nothing especially wrong with your system aside from the CPU which is particularly old (and slow I’m afraid). It may be that part which is unable to cope, because the GT 1030 is fine at 1080p and Medium profile. I notice the crash was on France, is it always France? If so, are you running a modified config file or any overclocks on your components?


Hi Dave,
No overclocking. Is there any way to view CPU performance during the ride?
I was hoping logs will have that but apparently not.
I think I can do dual screen (monitor and TV) and run windows task manager on one screen (observing CPU load) while riding on the other.

It is always France, this was my next idea but I was not sure if I can change that for training session. I will try to change that tonight.

What puzzles me is that I completed few sessions in December with no issues but not in France (well OK, it does crash every single time there is a windows update notification :grinning:)

Thanks for your help,

You probably won’t see anything useful on the CPU load without a tool like HWiNFO. Zwift basically runs on a single thread and even on CPUs with tons of headroom there’s no obvious sign of being CPU bound. But we almost always are limited by our CPU in busy areas, like France was for you in that log file. That’s just how Zwift works; faster/stronger CPU = less frame rate erosion in busy areas/events.

Try reinstalling the game and see if that helps. If this is a dedicated Zwift PC, consider a clean install of Windows 10 to rule out software issues altogether.