Repetitive crashing on Windows

Zwift has crashed on me many, many times, but this is the first time I’m posting about it. About 20 minutes into a workout ride, the program just terminated suddenly. Luckily it somehow saved my data. Restarted Zwift, got back into the workout, and finished it without issue this time. However, on saving my ride, it entered into an eternal freeze that I had to ctrl+alt+del my way out of. I cannot believe we are paying so much money for such a ■■■■ program.

Before everybody jumps down my throat about updating the program, updating my video drivers, updating Windows, etc…I’ve already done EVERYTHING.

I’m running a Windows 10 Lenovo Legion i5 with i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, and RTX 2060. It run everything from last year’s AAA games to Photoshop to Blender without blinking an eye, but this little exercise program is too much to handle? Come on…

Has anybody ever had a problem-free Zwift experience? Or had a bunch of problems with crashing that eventually got better?

Try turning off video screenshots in settings if you haven’t already.

(Yes I have problem-free riding in Zwift on Mac and Windows but this is a common cause of issues on Windows.)

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In addition to screenshots, disable/uninstall one drive. Also check your antivirus software plus anything else running in the background. I use windows defender only.

I’ve not seen zwift crash for a long, long time. I’ve run both windows 10 on a 4th gen i5 to windows 11 on a 12th gen i3. Zwift does load your CPU so try and reduce that load by reducing other tasks.

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But mostly just one core because Zwift

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Yeah that’s true…:+1:

Why? I have one drive and dropbox running while zwifting with no problem

It can cause problems, so that’s a good place to start troubleshooting if the game isn’t running smoothly.

Because Zwift incorrectly uses the Documents folder for application data

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