Zwift "Logs" Folder Incompatible with OneDrive Sync

For some strange reason, Zwift stores its logs (and also a “TEMP” folder) in the Documents folder instead of the proper place on a Windows machine, which I believe is %appdata%. I, like millions of other people, keep my files synced with Microsoft OneDrive. Unfortunately OneDrive and Zwift fight with each other because Zwift is constantly writing to the logs (at least on startup) while at the same time OneDrive is trying to sync the file changes. This results in Zwift hanging on launch due to files being “in use” by OneDrive.

A “solution” was posted some time back (Move "working files" i.e. logs to Program Files (OneDrive issue)), which does not fix the issue. The suggested fix is to go into Settings > Account > Choose Folders and un-check the Logs folder. OneDrive warns you that un-checking a folder makes it unavailable on this PC, meaning the folder gets deleted (though the cloud copy remains). If you recreate the folder, OneDrive complains that there is now a sync issue because the same folder exists in the cloud. Deleting the cloud folder allows it to sync the Logs folder again, bringing you right back where you started.

Will Zwift fix their Windows app so that it stores logs and working temp files where they belong? That is the only real way to fix this issue.

Hi Steve!

Welcome back to the forums, I see it’s been a while since your last post!

Zwift recommends not syncing any of the Zwift file folder, as it can cause complications with how Zwift reads and writes data, and a common troubleshooting step the provide via their support team is making sure Documents>Zwift is excluded from ANY sync programs, be it OneDrive, DropBox or anything else.

Hi Seth,

I’m not sure if you read through my post, but this isn’t possible with OneDrive (not sure about OneDrive for Business). If you un-check the folders from syncing, it deletes them locally. If they are recreated you will get a sync error because they still exist in the cloud. If you delete the could copies (or rename them) OneDrive syncs them again… putting you back to the original issue.

You might say that OneDrive really shouldn’t work this way, but I prefer knowing that all my Documents files are securely backed up in the cloud. If I don’t want something backed up, I shouldn’t put it in the Documents folder. The overall point is that folder is for personal documents; it was never intended as an area for programs to write files in which they depend in order to function. Every other program I’ve had doesn’t put its working files there.

Can you please bubble this up to development? The proper place is %appdata% I believe. Every other program has a folder there for its working files.


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