Zwift and OneDrive

Using Zwift on a Windows PC with OneDrive set to backup all content in documents continues to be problematic. It appears that Zwift attempts to store both app data state and user content in the same place. Microsoft recommends against this practice. This means that if you try to use Zwift on two PCs you often get conflicting behaviors and performance (for example, my laptop gets my gaming PC settings or vice versa) because the prefs file is copied when it really should stay on the machine.

I believe this issue has been reported in the past - is there an official bug or feature request to get this fixed?

Does the same on Mac too

Running Zwift on multiple Windows machines causes issues when OneDrive is syncing Documents folder. It means having to change the preferences between each Zwift session all the time.

The request is noted.

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Is there a way to track the status of the request?