Create Options for Zwift file Locations


I have had a lot of issues installing zwift on my work laptop (my only PC) I have local admin privileges so that should of all been plain sailing right. Well the issues was that I has One Drive Installed and the default locations for Downloads and Documents were both being One Drive Locations. As soon as It came to updating zwift it would fail due to writing files/creating folders.
On the installation process please could we manually add a location (so outside of OneDrive) to store zwift files so that it doesn’t fall over and have to change OneDrive settings to accommodate zwift.


I would suggest not using a work computer.

Did you get the OK from your IT department to install Zwift?

Why would your IT department allow you to have local admin privileges on a work computer? Not something I would do.

Zwift falls into our accepted use cases.
I would prefer not to not use my work laptop but I don’t own another computer.
Even ignoring the work laptop stuff. I feel my point about OneDrive is still valid.

It is. See here: Zwift "Logs" Folder Incompatible with OneDrive Sync