All user to specify where Zwift data is stored

I have Zwift installed on both my Windows laptop and Macbook Pro … and switch between the two depending which is handiest to grab.

It would be nice if I could configure the Zwift app to store my configuration and activity data in a specific location (say a cloud folder, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc) so that both computers could have access to everything the other computer created (logs, custom workouts, etc).


I like the suggestion.

I currently have a batch file that copy all my Zwift stuff to Google drive, I just click it after every ride. 

Didn’t realize that data was stored locally. +1 for this request.

Here’s a workaround for those using PCs:

Greg Hilton (along with … david (aka setuid)) posted advice on this issue, in this thread: Move the location of the default Zwift folder? The instructions below describe how to set this up for custom workouts, but the same idea would apply for other Zwift folders. And there is a similar function on Macs – which I am not familiar with.

If anyone else stumbles across this, then I MOVED the workouts directory into dropbox.

Then the command I used from an Admin Command Prompt was:

  • mklink /J C:\Users\USER\Documents\Zwift\Workouts “C:\Users\USER\Dropbox\zwift backup\Workouts”
  • Where the Workouts Directory in Dropbox existed and then one in Zwift DIDN’T EXIST.
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