Problems with Zwift shoud be addressed in the Forum

The helpdesk of Zwift says that if I have a technical problem I should address it here for a solution.

Zwift completely lost there mind by syncing with mydocuments. I am using onedrive and onedrive is mandatory for me. When I start my PC, Zwift startsup as well!? It immediately syncs with the folder Mydocuments and keeping a useless log file open so Onedrive wont sync anymore. Great Job Zwift!

So Zwift can you change the directory for log files and don’t start up when the PC starts up.

I hate Onedrive…

I assume it’s a work laptop? If so, I’d advise getting an appletv for zwifting

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Because you hate Onedrive I should buy an apple TV!?

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Just a suggestion, makes life more simple having a dedicated device that isn’t messed up by work laptop restrictions.

I can’t offer a technical solution to your problem, no offence intended.

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Well I think life would be simple if Zwift was doing there homework. I have a high end gaming PC. Which has no problem until Zwift, so Zwift is the problem not windows or Onedrive.

What that means is ‘ask the community if they can help, because we can’t/won’t’.

Can’t you disable Zwift in the Startup list under Task Manager?

I ran Zwift on my work laptop with three instances of Onedrive with no problem. My personal laptop has Onedrive and no issues. Now I need to go check and see if that log file is there.

In general yes, Zwift is doing nothing, it is a common issue. Programs are not suppose to use the My document folder for log files or any other files. They know this
In fact it takes two weeks to get a reaction from help desk. When the log file is opened Onedrive can’t sync the log file.

Yes I did, but it is still strange that a program like Zwift is running in the back ground the whole time you are running your computer.