Zwift crash on start-up after his own update

On Windows 11 up to date,
this sunday morning Zwift did an update and then crash at start up on the logging screen.

Checked again my WIndows Update.
Uninstalled Zwift.
installed Again => same problem.
clean all folders install again => same problem.

Create a new Windows user on my laptop then Zwift run…

Please Provide all the stuff to clean on a Windows User Environnement or make Better update.

I wast my sunday Morning on this , no more time to ride, and i paied for this , very very angry !!!

Some settings are stored on Zwift’s servers so it’s possible that no amount of cleaning the client side will help. If that’s the case it might work if you create a new trial account on Zwift to test it. It could also be something about the system you’re running on that Zwift can’t handle. You might find clues about what’s happening in the Zwift log file or Windows Event Viewer. If you can’t figure it out, try contacting Zwift support.

Thks Paul,
i don’t believe the problem is server’s side because on a new Windows user session on my laptop it’s working again.
something was broken by Zwift update on my Windows user session but uninstalling an installing again did not solve the issu.
That’s why i’m asking for the paths of all files and regedit used by the app.

Ok i get it.
It has something to do with Active directory Authentification.
I connect my vpn to the office, sync my document folder, then i can lauch zwift again.
soo there’s something on Windows user authentification and / or with the document folder.

where is the manual of this Zwift app ?
How can i keep it working if i don’t know it’s requirement ?
This application is reminiscent of a DIY accumulation.
it’s not serious.