Zwift stopped working after update

It occasionally loads the holding page and I can click on the let’s go bottom right icon but then it crashes and says

Something went wrong. please relstart Zwift.

Other times I don’t even get the welcome page. It’s only started happening this morning after it did the update.

I’m running the latest version of Windows 10. I went to the Zwift webpage and downloaded a new version of Zwift. So it has a clean install.

I have the same problem and screen since the update

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Any log file?

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Yes I have a log file

I don’t know how to upload the file.

It needed the cache clearing in “Internet Explorer”
Not as I had done in Chrome and Edge browser’s.
As a Windows 10 up to date pc internet explorer doesn’t have an icon on the desktop or in the app menu. You have to type in the search bar to find it. Then clearing the cache works.

Unfortunately I join the club. After the latest enforced update Zwift crashs while displaying the login screen with the rider without further message. I have cleared the IE browser - reinstalled twice: nothing fixed the issue.
Am I the only one having this problem? Any help welcome, thanks.

Are you using a Windows 10 computer or Apple?

Seems pretty hard to believe, but on Win 10, Zwift seems to be dependent on IE11 being installed and working. I removed IE11 from my Zwift PC yesterday (because I don’t use it and it’s a security vulnerability), and today Zwift refused to run and gave me the same incredibly informing “Something went wrong” error message. Luckily, I found this posting, re-installed IE11, cleared all of it’s caching, and at least now I get the login screen, and the “Updating” bar on the bottom. Waiting now for the update to finish…(it’s taking forever)…

While I was waiting, I googled “Zwift” & “Internet Explorer”. Turns out that for Win 10, yes, Zwift is dependent on Internet Explorer for the Zwift Launcher, and that clearing the cache fixes launch problems. Look at the first link in this search (as you can’t post URL’s here).

Appears to be finally fixed. Almost 3 hours of wasted time.

I agree the whole thing has been a total mess. If you’re running on Windows 10 you can’t rely on other apps within windows to be working correctly for your app to work correctly. I never use internet explorer I only have it purely because I have Windows 10.

If you do use another app to piggyback back yours at least get the install procedure to clear the cache if that’s what’s needed.

@Andrew: I am running a Win10 machine showing this error. As there is another thread discussing these topics and feedback is requested, I’ll report there. As of now: none of the given instructions helped.