Zwift closes on launch

Hi. Sorry if this is repeat but I have searched! Anyway, issue. Since latest update when I now try to launch Zwift I get a plain white box for a few seconds then it closes! No getting any errors! I am operating on PC Windows 11 latest update. I have cleared cache history from Microsoft Edge/Explorer as advised. I have uninstalled and re-installed numerous times with no joy. Looking for help from the good Zwift community…Nige

Hi @Nigel_Ayers Welcome back to the Zwift community forums!

There are a lot of reasons that Zwift might be crashing after it launches, the best way to figure out what’s going on with Zwift would be for our support team to take a look at your windows crash logs. you can collect those files by following the steps in this support article.

Once you have those, you can send an email to so we can take a look at what might be causing the issue and move forward from there.