Zwift closes after logging in.

Hi all,

I wanted to join ZTR race and i adjusted my name etc. Everything worked just fine.

30min later i logg in on my Zwift account and it shuts down, cant do anything about it.

So the logg in screens pops correclty then it starts up and seconds later it closes tot the logg in screen again. After like 1 min it totally shuts down. Gives no errors or anything else.

Removed en reinstalled but didnt help. Shut down PC etc,… nothing seems to work.

Got a NVidea GTX 960M

16gigs ram

Newes Intel I7

So cant be the PC either.

Hi Filip,

I just created a support ticket for this request. We’ll get some log files from you and see what happened.

Hi Eric, 


Tanks for the quick respons !


When u uninstall the game it also says it has a bug with the close launcher.

Nothing more or less, after the message is does uninstall.

Problem is resolved !

Did some troubleshooting myself and noticed zwift.exe always opend in background in task overview but couldt remove it cause it was buggy.

Started up PC in safe mode so all the non viable tasks got closes. Started PC up and zwift runs smooth again !

I just sended my log etc to zwift, maybe u can find out where this came from :slight_smile: