Zwift just disappeared

my zwift run today just disappeared after 20mins well running in yorkshire. not sure if this is because of the recent update issues or not but well running zwift just disappeared. basically just closed itself down. my zwift log is there and does not show any issues but poof the whole window and app just shut itself off mid run.

There are no generic reasons why this happens - the cause and solution always depend on the details of the device you’re running on.

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i run a pc core i7-6700 with a 1080 gpu and 32gb of ram. never once had this issue so hopefully it is just a one off and never happens again. sure made for a long run as i finished out the rest of the hour staring at my desktop screen.

I see you already posted this on the ZPCMR group on Facebook, and I would not presume to give better advice than what you would get there, but there are a few basic things you could do or verify. Note that the video driver suggestion really does not apply if you are running the standard Nvidia drivers from Microsoft. There is no need to get a driver package from Nvidia for your card.

Hi @Eric_Robinson, thank you for reaching out on our forum.

I took a look at what was reported to our servers, and it appears that your graphics drivers are outdated.

We have some steps you can take to update your graphics card drivers, as well as some other steps, in our ZwiftApp Crashing guide.