Programme ended and disappeared from laptop

Strange goings on during an activity yesterday. Completed a race going along nicely with the lead group crossed the line then screen disappeared leaving me on my desk top home screen.
Checked zwift events and the activity was there and listed me as finishing.
Checked zwift power and again i was there .
What happened how did the programme disappear from my screen right after crossing the finish line also says activity details not available .
Second glitch in the last few weeks

What are you running Zwift on, and what are its specs?

Hi steve sorry im not well up on computers.its my laptop which ive used for the last 2 years .
Ive recently changed broadband providers could this be part of the problem?

No, it’s very unlikely to be do with your broadband.

So Zwift is actually crashing, right? Not just the window minimising and you can enlarge it again?

Which version of Windows are you running?

Im not sure which version ill check later

Hi steve im running w 10 version 21H2

Go into Settings → System → About. Copy and paste the Device Specifications here.

Ive taken a pic hope this helps

Bad news, assuming this laptop doesn’t have dedicated graphics then Zwift won’t run on it beyond March anyway. See here: Upcoming Changes to Supported GPUs [March 2022]

Question for you Dave, how are you able to tell what gpu he has based on the screenshot the OP posted? Is it just the typical gpu paired with the i5-2450m? Which would then most likely be the 3000 series?

2450M is 2nd gen, they’re all going. But to confirm, here’s the Intel ARK page for it: Intel Core i52450M Processor 3M Cache up to 3.10 GHz Product Specifications

HD Graphics 3000, which is being binned. The only thing that will save this laptop is if it’s got a dedicated graphics card on board, which is extremely unlikely.

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Blimey and forgive my ignorance but how do i check for this graphic card ?

Hit Start, type dxdiag and press enter. Check the Display tab(s) which will tell you what graphics adapter you are using. There will almost certainly be just one tab.

Thanks for your help …

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Hi Andy, from what our systems are showing it does look like that laptop is using the integrated HD Graphics 3000 GPU. What most likely caused the crash you described was a combination of the RAM and GPU both being below current minimum requirements, but as Dave mentioned the HD 3000 GPUs will no longer be compatible starting in March.