Screen freeze during race

(5th) 11/15/21 SAZ speed race. in todays race my screen froze on 4 occasions, i was 30 seconds in front of the nearest cat c rider , and around 30 seconds behind a cat c rider in front of me , after the 4 screen freezes , i had lost over one and a half minutes , to all riders, is there any way to correct this in the race results, im pretty sure it was not a broadband issue , but zwift glitching, thanks.

The issue could be on your end. Could you post a complete rundown of your setup.

so i load zwift on my gaming laptop, usb dongle on extension to an inch away from smart trainer (kickr snap). hdmi cable to tv. I have superfast broadband. thanks.

That is little to no info. Can you please give a COMPLETE rundown of your setup including the specs of your “gaming laptop” and the speed of your so-called “superfast broadband”.

Also, are you using Bluetooth or ANT+?

The more info the better.