Frozen screen during workout

Hi all,

I’ve got some serious issues with Zwift since january 1st.

Constantly frozen screens during trainingsessions. Mostly in the first 10 minutes of the training. When screen freezes the sound is still going, and in the top of the window it says (‘zwift doesn’t respond’). I’ve to quit Zwift and restart it (and start a workout all over again). Sometimes the same thing happens again after restarting. Never had this problem before! What’s happening?

I already uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift app. That didn’t solve the problem. Still frozen screens after that. Very annoying :frowning:

(I’m using Windows 10 and an Ant+ dongle)

I have experienced this the last two of three rides and not sure if this session will save. I got to the Save & Exit screen by hitting ESC but now it won’t let me click the Save & Exit because the app is frozen (using MacBook Pro).

Is Zwift aware of this issue?


Yep, I’m having exactly the same issue. Worked completely fine until the last week. I have seen some people think it might be down to the amount if users on at the same time - there were 10,000 when I was on last night when it crashed but this morning I was on and there were only 2000 and it crashed again, it isnt good enough when we are all paying £13 a month :triumph:

I am glad its not just me though :wink:

Edit: never reply when you’re pissed.

@Jeroen108 : So what do you want them to fix if you just say (‘zwift doesn’t respond’). They need a lot more info to help diagnose the problem.

I have the same problem. Image freezes and “Zwift doesn´t respond”. I must close the app in my laptop and open again and start again from zero and my race or workouts are lost.
Do you have any solution???
I have windows 10 and intel core 7. It´s a new laptop.

Is there any way to obtain the Frozen workout?