Zwift keeps freezing during workout on Mac

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I’m having a continual issue with Zwift freezing during a workout, sometimes this happens at the start of the workout (6-7mins in), last night it happened at 45 mins in. The workout freezes, I stop pedalling, the trainer stops, I press escape and there I am sat at the side of the road ready to continue the workout. Finding it very frustrating.
I have deleted Zwift from my Mac and re installed, no difference. It’s always worse after an update, as in 3-4 times a workout then it settles down to the odd freeze per workout. Last night was 3 times and I’ve had enough of it.
Nothing else running on my Mac (2020 Mac Book Air i7), no firewall installed, Sat in the room above my router with full fibre broadband. The wife has my older Mac Book Air (i5, less ram) and has no issues whatsoever.
Please can someone help me find a solution.



Hi @Tim_Higgins
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Can you describe what you mean by freeze? Is it:
A) - the game stops, nothing is moving including your avatar. The app is hung and eventually responds
B) motion in the game isn’t stopped, but your avatar coasts to a stop and the game registers reduced or no power even through you’re pedalling.
C) something else

Assuming your trainer and your wife’s trainer are in the same space - this suggests that radio interference in that room is probably not the cause but it wouldn’t hurt to run through this list.

If it’s A) - please try deleting everything Zwift on your Mac. This is different than the usual macOS “uninstall” process. Here’s how, then re-install fresh. Be sure to move any custom workout files out of harm’s way before you start deleting.

Also - check in the game app’s Settings menu and see if you have a toggle for Video Screeenshot. Try turning it off. It’s possible that your machine isn’t handling that feature well.

If it’s B) - it’s very possible that something is hjjacking your trainer’s Bluetooth signal. Common suspects are a bike computer in the house that’s inadvertently left on, a third-party app on your laptop or smartphone. I personally ran into the third-party app problem when I discovered that the Garmin Connect app on my smartphone was running in the background and listening for a trainer signal to latch on to. Once I uninstalled Garmin Connect - issue B went away for me. In your case - you may want to also review what third party fitness apps are installed on your wife’s smartphone and Zwift computer as well as your own.

If it’s C) please describe. Also let us know: are you and your wife running the Zwift main app on separate computers, or the same one?

Hi Shuji
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
What happens is A, everything on the screen freezes, Timer, Avatar, scenery etc. When I stop pedalling and the trainer winds down and stops, at that point I can press escape and that’s when I can resume the workout. Prior to the trainer coming to a stop, the escape key does not appear to do anything.
Both trainers (Direto and Direto X) in the same room running on separate computers (both iMac Air, one i5 (wife) and mine (i7))
No Garmin’s connected to the trainer, not even in the same room or even on.
Very rarely use companion app or even have my phone in the same room so I don’t think (but not sure) that it would even be in bluetooth range to cause a conflict.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled using the instructions suppled so hopefully it has installed a “fresh” version. I will try this and see what happens, I will also check the game settings for the video screenshot, not that I am aware of ever using that.
Thanks again for the help and I will be in touch if it is still having issues.

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@shooj I replied to your last message but didn’t tag you properly so I suspect you didn’t see it?
I reinstalled and apart from some “jumpiness” with the graphics as though the game was about to freeze, it didn’t, so all was 95% ok. Just did the Zwift update on Tuesday and now another Zwift update tonight and started my workout, it immediately froze within 10 mins of starting, I quit and started a different workout and 6 mins in, the game froze again. Every time Zwift updates, the more bugs there are, does anyone actually check and test the code before it’s released?? I’m on the verge of stopping my subscription and just using my work outs on the Garmin computer instead. it really has become unacceptable. Can you advise of anything else I can try before I bin the whole thing off?

Best regards

Tim Higgins