Mass appearance of Zwift freezes since July 2023

On July 3rd, during a race my Zwift application suddenly froze. This was my first ever Zwift freeze in 4 years, so I thought it was just a one-off PC crash… However, as I’ve been reading more and more, ranging from Facebook Groups, my teams TFC discord to in-game race chat, I think we are not looking at some random Zwift freezes, but there’s a pattern.

Yesterday I had my 2nd Zwift application freeze, and I found out about more people having the same issue: they all never had a Zwift freeze in years, and suddenly now they had the Zwift application freeze in the middle of a Zwift ride/race.

So to give this issue the priority it deserves, let’s start a register of people who fit the above description:

  • Having years of riding on Zwift without any Zwift freeze, but in recent weeks having a Zwift freeze.
Name / ZwiftID Time without any Zwift freezes Date of freeze(s) OS
G. Hoeberigs (1505746) 4 years July 3, July 17 Windows10
D. Hardie (96086) 6 years July 14 MacOS
Y. Chronakis (34016) 5+ years ‘early July’ MacOS
T. Knigge (4724654) 300+ rides July 2 Windows10
S. Bulloch (1330223) 2 years early July MacOS
S. Ferron (2631134) 3 years July 17 iOS
C Berletin (851134) 4 years July 17, July 24, July 25 tvOS
T. Guaiwu (381462) 5+ years July 15 tvOS
Calico (1286763) 4 years July 15 tvOS
E. Kruglakov (480721) ? July 15 tvOS
T. Ketela (851740) 5 years July 15, 12:15pm EST tvOS
S. Bortolot (2029876) 2+ years July 1?, July 20?, July 25 tvOS


  • The Zwift application video freezes, but the audio continues as normal
  • Zwift server continues to operate though the application as audio keeps coming and power input is being processed.
  • It is also possible to continue by opening the Zwift Companion app


  • The most likely scenario is that incorrect code was introduced to the Zwift application when update 1.43 was released (June 28 - June 30) causing the Zwift application to crash when generating graphics under certain circumstances.

I will expand the list with more riders when I receive more information

This is yesterday from the same race as I was in; someone wrote this in-game-chat:
“Never had Zwift Freeze on me before”

And here are videos of my Zwift freezing (note that the audio continues to work):
July 17th: ✂️ Zwift crash July 17 - YouTube
July 3rd: ✂️ Zwift crash July 3rd - YouTube

I had one 30 minutes into an AHDR one hour group ride on july 2. Never had that happen to me before in 300+ rides on Zwift sofar. Not sure if there is a connection, but I was using the new Zwift Play contollers during that ride (on firmware 1.1). This was on Windows 10.

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I’ve made our team aware of this. We should be able to see if there have been an increased volume of game crashes.


That being the case then i had one yesterday 17th July. Literally as i left the pens during my daily event so easy to spot on the logs.

Lasted 5-10 seconds before everything came back.

Never had it before. Wasn’t an issue as i was running at set pace so nothing happened in the time it froze.

Windows 10.


I think i can join you on this…i never had problems but since 1.42 i noticed that Zwift sometimes stutter/freeze for a second or 2. Never had that before.

I’m also streaming and I’m not sure if it is related to new Nvidia drivers or Zwift update. I changed encoders in OBS from GPU to CPU and it was the same.

Windows 10 user.

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My warm up for about 15 minutes was fine, then had a game freeze entering the pen (first week in July). Reboot and all was okay. First time in 2 years using atv.
Funny thing was my companion app was still showing power and cadence values.
Was probably my 2nd time to use my new zwift controllers.

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Yep, first time ever the game just froze on me mid race half up titans in the tfc mad Monday event, and from what I can gather at least 3 other ART riders in that event experienced the same roughly around the same time all running on iPads

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Thanks for sharing; which other 3 ART riders by the way? And were they able to continue? Because if I look at our event on Zwift-racing app I can see 3 riders who started the race and didn’t finish. You, me and Jamie (ZSUNR):

2 different kinds of freezes are being tracked? Sounds like there are some where the freeze occurs for short period of time and then unfreezes by itself. For others, the freeze is game ending and requires a reboot.

No, I am only counting the freezes which lead to game being stuck. So I didn’t list Dejan Presen and Stuart Middlecoate’s short freeze. But it’s good they reply; might be valuable information for Zwift devs in tracking whether this is related.

One was racing in d category not sure about the other

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I’ve not had a freeze, but last week when I was about an hour into one of the Dirt Destroyer workouts and Zwift just shut down, I restarted but all sign of the ride had vanished?

Worst part was I’d have levelled up once complete! :smile:

might be useful to list machine specs to see if there is anything in common that is causing it

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I noticed short video stutter that are happening to me just after we pass the Sprint, KOM or Finish Banner. It’s happening at least once in a race just after the Confetti.

Here are 2 examples

Did you happen to look at the event viewer. Is Zwift running on the limits of your system?

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I haven’t checked but this is my PC with Windows 10

AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600G (3,9 GHz, Boost do 4,4 GHz)
1× 16 GB UDIMM DDR4–3200|
SSD 512 GB (M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe) + HDD 2 TB
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, 12 GB GDDR6

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Hey James, have you heard anything back from the technical team?

I have also tried to study the log files; but I think it confirms there was an application error, as internet etc. continued to work fine. Below are the analyzed logfiles of both the July 3 and the July 17 races where my application froze:

July 3: Zwiftalizer 2.0

July 17: Zwiftalizer 2.0

The moment of the freeze in both races is when the FPS (Frames Per Second) drop to 6 FPS.

Carl-Johan Berletin
Zwift id 851134

Nerver had a freeze 4 years

Date of freezes 15/7 tiny race and 24/7 beach party Apple TV latest version

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Several riders and myself using Appletv have also experienced game freezes over the past month. We can follow along group using the Companion app and save the ride later. The screen remains frozen in place. It happens in Makuri, France and Watopia so not limited to any one world. On July 15th two of us had our screen freeze at roughly the same place during the AsC Sunday Ride. The other riders have been clearing and reinstalling Zwift, I have not and that does not appear to help them with crashes better than me not reinstalling.

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